Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine with Mount Review

Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine is a percussion which many drummers were looking for given its promise to solve some of the age-old problems that they had faced. The tambourine comes with unprecedented features which none of the other competitors would have thought of and is definitely destined to be the pioneer. Not only this, the tambourine can be played either with a drum stick or with a hand, thus giving the drummers the long-wanted flexibility which they had been looking for since ages.

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Basic Construction

If you ask me about one quality of the product which sets it apart and which is the best among all its features, it has to be its basic construction and built. The materials used in the making of the instrument are no doubt the best available in this segment of the market. With a height of 8.9 inches, width of 8.1 inches and an absolutely perfect height of 5.6 inches, the product could not have come in any better size. On top of that, the materials used for construction are such top notch that the tambourine weighs just 2.2 pounds. Yes, you read it right, just 2.2 pounds. So, in short, it can be concluded that the tambourine is almost perfect build, which makes it a popular choice among the drummers.

Attractive Features

So, so much has been talked about the revolutionary feature of the tambourine, but the question is, what is the revolutionary feature that we are all talking about? Of course, there is not only one feature but there are rather many of them. One such specialty is that the tambourine is stick proof. Now, let’s have a look at some other features of the product.

  • The playing surface is coated with high-quality rubber, making it suitable for playing with drum stick as well as playing with hand.
  • There is a white pearl covering over the instrument.
  • Playing the instrument with hand gives an unprecedented performance without any by-tones, thus making the tambourine revolutionary.
  • The product is equipped with a good quality mounting bracket, which makes it suitable to be mounted on any of the six or eight-inch mounting rods which are available.
  • There are five double row jingles which are coated with nickel providing excellent projecting sound.
  • The sleek black finish gives it a look that is surely unprecedented and unmatched in this instrument category.

How Does It Fare?

The instrument has been described as revolutionary by some of the top drummers around the world and that speaks tons about the performance of the Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine with Mount. If there is one thing about the product which was never in doubt, it was the durability and performance of the instrument given the way it was built. The built is of top quality rendering it a long life and also providing it with the best performance among all the tambourines made till date. Add to that the flexibility of playing it with hand given the skin-friendly surface of the instrument and all your doubts regarding the performance of the instrument will be erased. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Toca Jingle-Hit tambourine with mount 6 inches delivers the performance it promises, making it a bankable product without any doubt.

Value For Money

Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine with Mount is one of the high-end tambourines available in the market. There is no doubt good things are set to be priced high but the minimal difference between the other tambourines and this one makes the difference almost negligible. Add to that the revolutionary and unique features of the tambourine and there is no doubt that you will start considering it as a cheaper option. The features should be the top priority while buying the product and it is an important aspect of value for money. Hence, given the features that the tambourine has, this product is definitely worth the value for money. So, do not hesitate anymore and click on the order button to bring this product to your home and get ready to see some great boost in the skill levels of your drumming.

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