Latin Percussion LP380B LP Double Row Tambourine Review

When it comes to some of the best designed tambourines, Latin Percussion is the name that first appears in our mind. Latin Percussion LP380B LP Double Row Tambourine is a 10-inch tambourine which comes with some unique features to suit the requirements of hand tambourine players. The tambourine has sixteen jingles arranged meticulously to give a perfect blend of sound and volume. The use of nickel silver alloy for making jingles is no doubt the blend that brings the best sound. The instrument’s design, performance and durability are all praiseworthy.

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Basic Construction

The tambourine has been designed to suit the requirements of the instrument player. The tambourine has a length of 11 inches, a width of 11 inches, a height of 2.2 inches and has a weight of seven ounces. The instrument has been constructed with the finest quality of Asian oaks available to give it a sleek and shining finish. The jingles are made of the alloy of nickel and silver to make them strong, durable and attractive-all at the same time. So, it can be concluded that the Latin Percussion LP380B LP Double Row Tambourine is one of the most immaculately built tambourines presently available.

Attractive Features

Latin Percussion has left no stone un-turned to come up with a product that looks and sounds perfect as yet. Now, let us have a look at some of the top features of this instrument.

  • If you ask me to choose a single feature of this instrument which attracts me the most, it has to be the jingles which are world class, unprecedented and unmatched.
  • Presence of sixteen pair of jingles which can be controlled to produce the wanted sounds as per the requirements.
  • Natural finish of 10-inch oak shell with rounded edges to give the player comfort continuously.
  • Presence of a finger hole which will give you a superior grip to hold it for a long period of time.
  • The crisp tone and the unmatched spectacular dynamics are an added plus.
  • The design increases the resonance nicely.

How Does It Fare?

When it comes to performance, there is no better product available in the market currently. Latin Percussion has come with a product which surely takes care of all your needs. The sixteen pairs of silver-nickel alloy jingles give it a perfect set of ammunition to produce a top-quality sound and the oak finish is another advantage. Hence, in short it can be concluded that the product is a big winner when it comes to performance.

Value For Money

Latin Percussion is the name you can trust when it comes to Latin Percussion tambourines, thus making it a bankable company. The product comes with an option of additional product warranty extension of two-three years. Now, looking at the features and the price of the materials from which the product has been carved out, the price looks like a real coup. So, do not hesitate anymore and click on the order button to bring home the best tambourine available in the market.

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