Tycoon Percussion Master Classic Series Blue Quinto Drum Review

Tycoon Percussion Master Classic Series Blue Quinto Drum has an attractive blue colored body and well-crafted tuning lugs. The product is destined to rule the markets of quinto drums for a long period of time. Constructed of Siam wood which has been selected by the experts, the quinto drum is the one which you are looking for.

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Basic Construction

The quinto drum has been carved out of finely selected Siam woods. The choice of best quality woods to make the instrument gives it a distinct advantage when it comes to the build of the product. With a 30-inch-tall body with wide belly projects, the product is definitely the one to look for. With a length of 17 inches, breadth of 17 inches and height of 31 inches, the product looks perfectly sized in the category of quinto. To cap that off, it weighs just 38 pounds, yes; you read it right, just 38 pounds for such a robust drum. The exquisite blue color of the drum adds to the attractive look. So, make sure you order the Tycoon Percussion Master Classic Series Blue Quinto to hog the limelight at the concerts where you play.

Attractive Features

The Tycoon Percussion Master Classic Series Blue Quinto is packed with many unique qualities to stand out among the competitors. Having revolutionized the dynamics of the market with its features, let us have a look at some of them which really stand out.

  • This quinto comes with an extra wide belly.
  • The body of the conga is made of supremely selected and rightly aged Siam woods which are good for the not only from the view of music but also from a sense of durability.
  • It is provided with multiple layers of high gloss lacquer, which gives it a mirrored look. The look of the instrument is definitely one of the biggest pluses among all the features.
  • It is provided with die-cast handle which is strong and sturdy enough. The presence of this handle makes the transport of this conga drum very easy.
  • The skin head is of premium quality made of the skin of water buffalo, one of the best among all the variants available in the market.

How Does It Fare?

This quinto brings an external flare to your performance. Largely due to the superior build of the product, there is hardly any quinto drum in the market which performs better than this one. The sturdy composure and strong raw material also act as the supporting pillars for durability. Made with supreme care to withstand rough use, it is one for the true careless guy out there. Also, the use of manmade skin adds the natural touch to the sound of the instrument which makes its performance unbeatable. So, bring home this instrument and celebrate drumming like never before.

Value For Money

The Tycoon Percussion Master Classic Series Blue Quinto comes in high-end category of musical instrument. The product is eligible for free shipping feature, which is available in most of the states of the country. Though the price looks a bit on the higher side at first look, it is quite justifiable given the quality of the product. The product is a supremely crafted piece which is a product of extensive research.

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