Griffin’s Wood Shell Snare Drum Review

The snare drum is a multifaceted and is an attractive instrument due to its subtle and versatile tones. Griffin’s Wood Shell Snare Drum provides these exact amenities and is mass produced by one of the illustrious brand known as Griffin. Therefore, blind foldedly count on this snare drum to get an authentic taste of a vivacious sound devoid of any kind of disillusion!

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Basic construction

Griffin’s Wood Shell Snare Drum has a strikingly glossy exterior and settles for nothing but panache. It also delivers a white painted drum head. It has a length of 14 inches, breadth of 5.5 inches and weighs around 6 pounds. The diameter of the shell is around 7.5 mm. The count of snare wire is 20 strands. The bottom of the drum head is transparent. The Griffin’s Wood Shell Snare Drum also features 8 tuning logs for a substantial and a lofty quality sound. Additionally, it has 3 plies and has 100% poplar wood construction.

Attractive features

Griffin’s Wood Shell Snare Drum is a saga of its own and is a standout product among its contemporaries. Here are some significant features. Stay glued!

  • Due to the presence of 3 ply heads, the drum offers a staggering sound tone. The 3 ply heads also ensure undisturbed execution for a prolong period.
  • One of the ideal hallmarks of this drum is that the tuning can be done with utter proficiency. It also copes to fabricate high quality sound which many professional drummers will prefer.
  • The Griffin’s Wood Shell Snare Drum is made from highly durable material and registers for longevity.
  • This Griffin’s Snare Drum will complement any music genre including rock, metal, funk, gospel or, even pop. Don’t forget to include in the impressive and persuasive sounds while playing the drum.
  • It is also a deluxe alternative for amateurs, students and professional musicians as the 14″ x 5.5″ snare drum can be effortlessly employed as a chief or, subordinate snare.
  • The banging hardware includes a drum key and eight tuning lugs, the eight tuning logs assures a higher quality sound. The eight-tuning log also allows you to make a superior sound even in the lowest tuning possibilities.

How does it fare?

Griffin’s Wood Shell Snare Drum has various enticing features and is way out of the league. It delivers a dramatic design with the overwhelming specifications. The most lovable part is that it is apt for both the layman and experts alike. Due to its versatility, it has also the potential to transform your reverie into a stunning reality. The Snare Drum will also flawlessly live up to the expectations of the aspiring buyers.

Value for money

Are you worried to shell off a hefty amount and burning a big hole in your pocket? Quite obvious! But, here’s good news! The sophisticated and magnificent Snare drum comes at an affordable price and qualifies for free delivery in most regions. It offers a 1-year replacement warranty and money back guarantee.  In addition, they are now available on leading online sites and can be shipped at your doorstep with just a quick tap on your smart phone.

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