Ludwig LM402 Snare Drum Review

The snare drum is a multi skilled and persuasive instrument due to its preciseness. Ludwig LM402 Snare Drum offers accurate amenities and is an everlasting classic for all the right causes. The timeless product is mass produced by one of the prominent companies and is known as Ludwig.

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Basic construction

The outstanding Ludwig’s LM402 was the chief preference of the notable drummer John Bonham and has a sleek seamless chrome plated shell. The majestic lugs also lend an off the edge elegant appearance. Ludwig’s LM402 also has a length of 14 inches, breadth of 6.5 inches, height of 14 inches and weighs around 4 pounds.

Attractive features

Ludwig LM402 Snare Drum is an epic of its own and here are some supreme features:

  • The United States of America manufactured the chrome plated seamless aluminum shells to fabricate a neat sound with the ideal blend of tones.
  • The external body has a stylish look and will effortlessly turn heads. It will also lend a professional look to the concerned player.
  • The Ludwig LM402 Snare Drum also has P35 Butt-Plate. The butt plates will aid you to stow up the snares.
  • The drum has 2.3 mm steel triple flanged hoops. Flanged hoops permit the extrinsic edges of the head to give a louder tone. If you want a louder sound, then flanged hoops are a perfect choice.
  • The options of Imperial or Tube Lugs, Smooth or Hammered Shell, will allocate you all the desired sounds.
  • Beginning with Jazz to Metal, Ludwig LM402 Snare Drum contribute the quintessential sound in the studio or, on the podium.

How does it fare?

Ludwig LM402 Snare Drum is far flung from the league. The most applaudable part is that it is perfect for both the layman and experts alike. Due to its multitude of specifications, it has also the capability to impress you unbelievably.

Value for money

The enlightened snare drum is available at an affordable price. It also catalogues for free of cost delivery in major regions. It presents a 3 year replacement warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. In addition, they are now available on leading online sites and can be shipped at your doorstep with just a quick tap on your smart phone. Thus, hurry up and purchase Ludwig LM402 Snare Drum to bring out the inner drummer within you!

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