Classic Heartwood Dondo Talking Drum Review

One of the renowned largest drum provided from West Africa, Classic Heartwood Dondo Talking Drum is created to produce more profound tones at a greater pitch. Goatskin and synthetic ropes are put in building it to make sure it is ideal for learning as well as percussion in several musical environments. It blends in with louder music and also comes with a warranty to ensure its sturdiness and durability.

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Basic Construction

It is made from Nyame Dua Wood and is covered on the top by using goatskin. Further, synthetic vertical ropes are brought in binding this drum and if you look at the things used like goatskin, Nyame Dua Wood, and synthetic ropes, all of these ensure how strong the drum is and the durability is another factor that comes in. Moreover, it is carved by hand with the help of artisans and is a great classic instrumental piece to add to your musical collection. So, in case you are thinking of adding upbeat music, this drum is perfect for the same.

Attractive Features

  • Classic Heartwood Dondo Talking Drum is handcrafted by various artists and is made quite tastefully in overall design.
  • It is known as one of the perfect talking drums made in Western Africa and provides immense volume to any musical collection.
  • Not only does it enhance the beauty of a musical work but also can derive a range of distinct sounds to add versatility to the music.
  • Amazingly designed and crafted by local artisans of West Africa, this drum is believed to be supporting the cause of their conventional talking drum crafting art and buying this will not only add marvelous percussion to your music but also will lend a hand to the artisans that crafted this talking drum.

How Does It Fare?

Crafted in Ghana, this Classic Heartwood Dondo Talking Drum is called as an intermediate level of conventional talking drum instrument and is able to provide musicians a great variety of tones. There is also a curved stick provided along for thumping this instrument and this drum. It is a classic instrument to begin with and you can also use it for teaching purposes or just amateur music hobbies.

Value For Money

This large talking drum is available on Amazon and the shipping rates are also affordable for buying it. Looking at the handcrafted making and also the use of goatskin and Nyame Dua Wood, the price is quite reasonable given the quality that comes with this drum. Amazon is actually the only website dealing with Africa Heartwood projects’ musical instruments so this drum can only be found on this website itself.

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