Remo Fabric African Stripe Talking Drum Review

Remo Fabric African Stripe Talking Drum is perfect for all musical occasions. With hundreds of varied rhythms, tones and pitches that can be created with this single talking drum, there seems to be no need for any other musical equipment. This drum is not only for a thrilling musical experience but also as a reminder of rudimentary means of communication. The drum is made of absolutely tear proof material and has been designed to be easy to use with children and expert musicians alike.

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Construction And Design

Francis Awe and Remo’s signature series of talking drums have together collaborated and created this ingenious talking drum. Made with “18”” x 8″” shell ambassador and diplomat SUEDE drumheads, this talking drum looks and feels like an authentic drum from Nigeria. The sturdy material protects against wear and tear due to excessive beating. The shoulder strap makes it easy to play by providing comfort while holding the drum. Finally, the true ingenuity lies in the drum’s ability to take out varied rhythms and pitches of sound with different uses.

Attractive Features

  • By squeezing either any of the strings of the drum itself, a skilled musician is able to take out different pitches and tones of sound.
  • The sound emanating from the drum sets is clear, precise and melodious.
  • The material of which the drumheads are made protect against wear and tear.
  • The drums have an authentic look to them, helping deliver the sounds of Nigeria at your house.
  • The shoulder strap is soft, sturdy and helps tremendously by making the drum more user friendly.

How Does It Fare?

Remo Fabric African Stripe Talking Drum surpasses everyone’s expectations- be it a musician, a percussionist or an amateur music lover. The authentic look and sounds from the talking drum can become the talking point of your get together. As the musician goes on to display their talent- the talking drum aids them at every step of the way. On squeezing the drum or pressing the strings one is pleasantly reminded of the bygone era, at how communication was done through music back then. The talking drum is made with the best quality material and the sturdy shoulder strap makes it so much easier to showcase your musical talent. Be sure to purchase the remarkable mallet as well as the best performance of the drum can only be achieved in conjunction with the mallet, sold separately.

Value For Money

Remo Fabric African Stripe Talking Drum offers the best musical experience you can get at such a reasonable price. The price is well worth the symphony of music that seems to be rippling all the way through Nigeria, West Africa. With such a good price, one obtains an authentic talking drum made with shell ambassador and diplomat SUEDE drumheads, the very best material available in the market. You also obtain a surreal experience of listening to varied pitches and tones from the same drum set. The shoulder strapped, double-headed, hourglass talking drum is an absolute steal.

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