African Talking Drum with Beater Review

African Talking Drum with Beater is nothing but a complete transformation at the way we look out for drums, an absolute stunning creation. The talking drum is an hourglass – shaped drum whose pitch is regulated for mimicking the tone of human speech. A skilled player can play it very effectively including complete phrases. They fall under the category of musical instruments as talking drums type with Drums & Percussion and Folk & World Hand Drums as sub categories. They are used in traditional ones to popular music as well. These are known by different names all round the world. Some examples are Odondo, Tamma, Dundun, Gangan, Igba, Doodo, Lunna, Donno, etc. With slight differences in design and method of playing.

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Basic Construction

Dimensions of African Talking Drum with Beater are:

  • Length – 7 inches
  • The breadth -7 inches
  • Height – 14 inches
  • Weight – 3.5 pounds

Attractive Features

Among the plethora of features, the significant ones of them are as mentioned below-

  1. The verticals of the drum are either burgundy or strong synthetic brown in color with shaved skin head of sheep.
  2. The original Ghana Dondo is carved out of Nyame Dua Wood as one solid piece of construction.
  3. There is no headache for you to assemble the parts when unboxed. You are ready to play it immediately after unboxing in a tuned-up form.
  4. Whether purchased from online or offline market sources, the actual product is handcrafted by the cultural artisans of the villages in Africa, helped by several non-profit organizations working there, Heartwood being the most prominent among them.
  5. The curved beater is included with the purchase of the Ghana Dondo.
  6. It is available in three different sizes as small (5.5″ x 10.5″), medium (6.5″ x 14.4″) and large (7.5″ x 19″), according to your size requirement and budget availability without sacrificing the quality of the product, if purchased from authenticated sources.
  7. It is double – headed in nature and can imitate human conversation if played with proper prior knowledge of as how to play it, in some African societies.
  8. It is extremely powerful and expressive, hence reliable.
  9. The pitch and tonal variations are the result of cords changing pressure which is interlaced between the two heads.
  10. The wooden shell has finishing touch of the Kente cloth wrapped around.

How Does It Fare?

Durable, beautiful and powerful in nature, it is a Fair-Trade product which should not be confused with Senegalese Tama. It is really interesting to play and will keep you purely entertained. This product is unmatched with the others of its class.

Value For Money

African Talking Drum with Beater is available on Amazon at a reasonable price. It should fit in your standardized budget and is a great deal to lock hands with. The ratings and reviews are highly positive for this product. You will be definitely hooked to its beauty and the musical touch it has, absolutely different and pleasant.

It would be more interesting when you will get it two in number and play like the original ones in Africa, so as to have a musical conversation. So, ‘Get two and have the melodious conversation in true sense!”

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