Overseas Connection African Talking Drum Review

Overseas Connection African Talking Drum is the instrument you have been looking for. Enjoy magical sounds from Ghana in this incredible “talking drum” that is both durable as well as enjoyable. Brighten up your afternoons and introduce loveliness in your evenings as this magical gift from Africa creates varied tones that can mimic the tone of language as well, creating the lovely “talking” effect.

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Construction And Design

These drums have been designed with sturdy material and sound tools to mimic the varied tones found in the indigenous “dondo.” The ropes used in the drum as well as the verticals make it protected from wear and tear and no longer susceptible from injury or breakage. The curved beater itself has been designed to look as authentic as possible and is made from strong, durable material. Overall, this talking drum has been designed with clever engineering and musical integrity to give the user an absolutely unreal experience while playing the drums.

Attractive Features:

Also known as “dondo” from Ghana, is an indigenous African musical instrument.

  • It can be used to create varied tones of sound.
  • A curved beater is included in the packaging.
  • A trained musician can actually use these drums to take out tones of languages and “talk” musically through the drums.
  • These contain strong rawhide ropes and more verticals for extra durability and strength.
  • The curved beater as well as the body of the drums is extremely durable and long lasting.
  • The varied tones of language can be used to imitate the effect of “talking” by skilled users.
  • The drums are used and appreciated by musicians or even amateurs and children who would simply like to use it as a stress buster or to enjoy a musical evening.
  • The rawhide strings and rope are designed to withstand wear and tear for long durations of time.

How Does It Fare?

The Overseas Connection African Talking Drum is surely one musical instrument that you would not be able to keep your hands off of! It is designed to resonate the true sounds of Africa and it surely lives up to its claims. The drum is sturdy and durable and can really impress audiences if you know how to display its “talking” drum powers- where a talented musician takes out varied tones from the drum that mimic tones of languages. The drum is held in one hand and squeezed then stuck with the curved beater. Such a simple act can lead to hours of endless fun for musicians and music lovers alike. The talking drum is surely going to be a favorite talking point on light afternoons as well as the favourite toy for children.

Value For Money

These talking drums can become the talk of the hour with the beautiful and exotic notes that emanate from the surface of the drum. At such an affordable price, one obtains a durable drum body as well as a beater; fixed with strong rawhide strings and rope, a fantastic sounding musical interment and lastly, a glimpse of the rich musical heritage from Ghana, Africa. For these very reasons, the Overseas Connection African Talking Drum is priced just right for an incredible musical experience for both children as well as adults.

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