Gon Bops Tumbao Series Timbales Review

Designed with an inventive and modern devising, Gon Bops Tumbao Series Timbale come with clear cascara, tuning rods built at lower levels and heavy gauge loops for lucid and tuneful sounds. A mega tripod-base assures stability for this timbale set and the whole construction is made pretty strong and sturdy to impress anyone with its stylish design and look. Further, Gon Bops Tumbao Series believes in creativeness and also boasts of the usefulness of these timbales in distinct musical genre like jazz, rock or Latin.

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Basic Construction

These Gon Bops Tumbao Series Timbales are made with rolled steel shell and are amazingly equipped with professional specifications for experienced musicians. The cascara is designed clearer, the tuning rods are at lower-level and the hoops are devised conventionally giving them heavy gauge. Further, you will find that the side plates are given more of a low profile look and the timbale stand is very innovative. So, the overall construction gives this timbale series an amazing appearance and all the devising makes it versatile enough to fit into different musical environs.

Attractive Features

  • The perfectly impressive feature at the utmost for this series is the resourcefulness of these timbales in musical surroundings like Latin, jazz or rock. Gon Bops have really put inventiveness to make this series a versatile one and help professional players blend their percussion easily into a range of music genres.
  • The next best part is the push-lock system which is innovative because a wing screw can be tightened, hassle free with this system.
  • Sturdiness is also a significant feature for this series since it is made of rolled steel shells that guarantee durability and strength of these timbales. Moreover, the heavy gauge hoops also provide toughness and prove them as a well-built one.

How Does It Fare?

A timbale series designed for pros, this Gon Bops Tumbao Series is an astounding one to buy. The timbales created by using steel shells make them sturdy enough plus the innovative design is quite impressive. It is specified not only for music professionals but also works great for beginners since it is durable and strong enough to practice. The versatility is another thumbs-up for this series as it boasts of blending splendidly in Latin, jazz or rock music. The hardware devising is given a push lock system and other accessories that come along with this timbale series include an additional clamp, a cowbell holder and a cloth to keep the shine for these timbales.

Value For Money

You can buy this Gon Bops Tumbao Series Timbales online at Amazon at a reasonable price which is an affordable cost for these top-rated timbales. Further, Amazon is also availing free shipping for this product which is a distinct pro not provided at various other websites. These timbales combine nicely into jazz, Latin and other musical genres and that’s why we can deem this price as reasonable looking at the quality Gon Bops is providing with this incredible instrumental set. Further, Gon Bops instruments are devised with innovation and technology so you are surely getting the most hi-tech instrument through these splendid timbale series!

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