GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set Review

GP Percussion has come up with a drum set which in many ways has got the capability of bringing in a revolution.  The GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set is a definite choice if you are a budding drummer. It has also been preferred by some established ones because of the supreme quality of its sound. The instrument is made with supreme precision to give best possible results. However, what astonishes us the most is the low price of the product. Despite being priced low, the product delivers a power packed performance.

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Basic Construction

With the length of 26 inches, breadth of 31 inches and height of 46 inches, the instrument is well built. The dimensions of the instrument are suitable and have been decided to suit the requirements of the drummer. Despite coming at such good size, the GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set weighs just 21.9 pounds. The low weight of this set means it can be easily transported from one place to other. The quality of the raw material renders sturdiness and strength while keeping it light at the same time.

Attractive Features

Let us have a look at some of the top features of this product:

  • GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set has a thirteen-inch and a 14-inch drum along with a stand to hold them together.
  • These timbales are tested to stand heavy loads.
  • The stand available with the package has the feature of height adjustability to suit the drummers of different heights and different styles.
  • The package of GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set also has drum sticks along with a set of tuning keys. So, you would not have to go in search of these small but highly important instruments. Thus, it is a great package to have.

How Does It Fare?

Made of some of the finest quality of raw materials available in the market, the drum set is an exemplary work of the company. It is an example to the competitors regarding how a drum set should be made. Packed with some highly lucrative features, the product is a big winner in terms of performance. The quality of music produced by GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set is of very high quality. On top of that, the sturdiness and durability of the product are outstanding. It can sustain rough use for a long period of time, making it the go to drum for the rookies. Thus, in my suggestion, you can easily put your bet on this drum for some of the finest of your musical performances.

Value for Money

GP Percussion is a company which is known for pricing its products at lower prices and this product is no exception. Reasonably priced, the GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set is the best option in its category of pricing. The additional feature of free shipping, which is available in most of the states of the country, is an added bonus that comes with this already affordable product. So, in my opinion, there is hardly any chance that there will be a drum set of finer quality that is available in the market at a lower price.

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