Latin Percussion LP Matador Timbales Review

Latin Percussion LP Matador Timbales produce great sound and provide an astounding worth to any musical collection. A trusted instrument of musical maestros, you can tune these timbales by yourself or you can affix them to your drum kit, either way they augment the overall product. The tuning is absolutely refined by their addition plus they are classy and amazing in their appearance thus, giving a great finish to music and settling incredibly in any musical environment.

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Basic Construction

The steel shells of Latin Percussion LP Matador Timbales are 14″ and 15″ in diameter and also built with a depth of 6.5″. There is also a tuning wrench that comes with this product and is responsible for the fine tuning and especially if you are looking to tune it traditionally. This product is manufactured from Thailand and is known to finesse any percussion setup, hence is ideal for those looking for a timbale set to tune their percussion because, these timbales are made to produce superior tuning and clear sound.

Attractive Features

  • The best feature about these timbales is that they provide amazing sound and can be blended to any kind of genre especially a conventional one. They are built for traditional tuning and if you will research wholly about them, you will find that these timbales are actually the best for traditional percussion.
  • The stand that comes along with this timbale set is actually created to mount up to heavy duty, adjustable altitude and also can be tilted quite well.
  • Latin Percussion LP Matador Timbales are a classic and can be nicely added to any drum kit or be played alone. Further, they are tunes for intermediate level so that’s why they are idyllic for beginners as well as experts.
  • Fine tuning and amazing percussion are other attractive features of these timbales and this way they add immense tuning to all kind of harmonious surroundings.

How Does It Fare?

Coming with a timbale stand, timbale sticks and other related accessories for this instrument, Latin Percussion LP Matador Timbales is a great steal at the price they are available at. Further, many professional musicians have recommended these timbales and they are great for both beginners as well as experienced drummers. The hardware of these timbales is well-made with a quality finish and the tuning is also up to the mark. So, if you are looking for a great set of timbales to try drumming at, these are the ones to go for!

Value For Money

On Amazon, these Latin Percussion LP Matador Timbales are available at a reasonable cost. Talking about the price, these quality timbales can be equated quite well with the price they are being sold at because Latin Percussion is one of the top brands to get timbales from and the price really doesn’t matter if the excellence given along with the product is this much incredible.

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