Latin Percussion LP258SLP Tito Puente Thunder Timbales Review

A great addition to any drum set would be a good and elegant pair of timbales which add a Latin touch to the music you produce. Latin Percussion LP258SLP Tito Puente Thunder Timbales is one great instrument which will add versatility to your set and thereby allow you a chance to produce some great beats for the audience to hear.

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Basic Construction

These timbales are made out of steel and have a diameter of 15 and 16 inches combined with a depth of 10 inches each. They come with a stand which is fully adjustable thereby offering you the choice to adjust this according to your needs. Coming along with a cowbell, the complete set does generate feet tapping music for you to dance on.

Attractive Features

As we have mentioned, this product offers versatility as well as great features and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Fully steel shell which offers durability and quality sound.
  • Chrome finish on the top offers an elegant
  • Comes with cowbell as well as a fully adjustable stand so that you can pair it with any drum set with ease.

How Does It Fare?

High-quality steel is used in the manufacturing of this drum set. If you are looking for some perfect accessories for your drum or are planning to buy a unique piece of musical instrument, then this drum set is a must. There are additional accessories and stand included which do offer you great savings as you needn’t purchase anything else and can directly use it with your existing equipment.

Value for Money

Available in a slightly higher price range, these timbales are definitely worth your investment. You will be amazed at the material quality used as well as the sound produced by these timbales when you pair them with your drum set.

Therefore, if you are looking for some music instrument offering top class sound, do go for Latin Percussion LP258SLP Tito Puente Thunder Timbales.

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