Treeworks Chimes Tre421 Medium Table Top Bar Chime

About the product

Providing you with the awesome and ultimate experience of sounds, this ‘Tre421 Table Top Bar Chime’ from ‘Treeworks Chimes’, takes you in a separate world of enjoyment and peace. The echelon of efficiency, performance and presentation which it offers to its customers is of the top most grade. It provides one with the marvelous experience of the tones. It is unmatchable in its craftsmanship and quality of sound. It is the most perfect and respected of all the Chimes in the market.

Basic construction  

This ‘Tre421 Table Top Bar Chime’ with a wire stand is a middling and standard chime which has a hard and firm ¼ inches of table stand with a wire which is hand bent along with the provided black powder coating. It does not put together or uses plastic ties. The tempered bars are 3/8 inches thick and are properly polished, so that the brilliant tone can be enjoyed. These bars are prepared up of thick solid titanium or aluminum alloy. You will not find any missing bars.

Attractive features

The ‘Tre421 Table Top Bar Chime’ is the most demanded one among the common mass. This demand is because of the different noteworthy features this Chime possesses. Let’s find below some of these remarkable advantages of the Chime:

  • Apart from the simplicity of this Chime, it has a table top stand which is fully coated with black powder in a very precise manner.
  • The table top stand which this Chime provides for makes this TreeWorks chime easily usable in the surroundings of a classroom or on the top of the drumming table.
  • For increased durability of the Chime it is hand-tied with braided “CordLoc”. It is designed in such a manner that you will not find the usage of plastic ties in its construction and none of the bars would be missing.
  • The bars are thick solid bard and are made up of Aluminum or Titanium. In addition to this, they are 3/8 inches thick and are suitably refined. This gives you a chance for the enjoyment of the best tone.
  • It also provides for a ‘Tennessee White Ash Mantle’ which is Hand-finished.
  • In case these Chimes are dissembled, it is very easily to set up it again.
  • Using this you will be able to experience a fine superior quality sound which proves to be pleasing to your heart.

How does it fare?

The ‘Tre421 Table Top Bar Chime’ has various attractions. Further it offers you the best ever quality of sound produced and the fabulous tones. It is suitable for use everywhere because of the table stand it offers with the Chime. Now, it is very obvious that a thing becomes worth buying if it offers to you so many highly sophisticated features. Keeping in mind all its strengths I think spending some amount of money is worth. It is far better than all the available Chimes in terms of durability, performance and quality it produces at all the levels. It’s a promise from my side that once you buy this Chime you will forget about the other Chimes available in the market and you won’t ever get a chance to regret your decision as this will prove out to be your best deal.

Value for money

The TreeWorks Chimes TRE421 Medium Table Top Bar Chime with Stand is priced at $69.99 at Amazon and the shipping charges are added extra. Also, you can add additional accident protection to your Chime by spending some extra money. You have to spend $10.99 and $6.99, additionally for availing the protection of 3 years and 2 years respectively. You will feel worth spending money keeping in mind the quality. The price which the company is charging for the Chime is of a very affordable range for the product which is offered. You won’t get this so cheaper anywhere else; so do not wait over much, its only 3 left in the stock. Order as soon as possible.

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