Rhythm Tech RT8100 Bar Chimes Review

Music is the best therapy that one can get. It uplifts moods, creates memories and evokes emotion like no other thing on earth. Therefore, for something as sacred and as beautiful as the sound of music, one needs the perfect tool to create that musical magic. Rhythm Tech RT8100 Bar Chimes is that perfect tool. These single bar chimes with ten different pitches create a beautiful symphony in air and can be utilised by drummers, percussionists, musical prodigies or simply anyone with an ear for good music.

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Basic Construction

Carefully carved from aircraft aluminium, the chimes look and sound like perfection. Rhythm Tech has made these twenty bars resonate at ten unique pitches, giving your ears something blissful to witness with each chord that is struck. The bars have been designed to perfectly fit or be mounted on a standard cymbal stand, or a DSM2 and DSM Quad mount.

Attractive Features

  • This product by Rhythm Tech contains single row bar chimes.
  • The chimes are carved with aircraft aluminium making them quite resistant to wear and tear.
  • The bars have a perfect pitch and are well appreciated by musicians and amateurs alike.
  • The shiny metallic body makes for the perfect ensemble with other musical equipment.
  • The chimes work exceptionally well for drummers and percussionists who wish to charm their audience with pitch perfect chimes.
  • Above all, the sound of the chimes is extremely clear.

How Does It Fare?

This exquisite product from Rhythm Tech is perfect for children with a musical ear, for band members looking to add magic in their songs or simply for any person who believes in the therapeutic effects of music. For all such users, the Rhythm Tech RT8100 Bar Chimes will exceed their expectations.  The twenty single bars resonate at ten pitches and each pitch is loud, clear and extremely enjoyable. The bars have been made from sturdy material that enhance their musical quality. They can easily fit over DSM2, DSM Quad or a standard cymbal mount. However, this needs to be purchased separately, as it is not provided with the product. Overall, Rhythm Tech RT8100 Bar Chimes is the answer to all your hectic afternoons as the chimes lead the path to a relaxed you. Store the chimes properly with caution and also be sure to mount the bar chimes on the appropriate mount.

Value for Money

This product is available at a nominal price with its perfect pitch and sturdy body, these chimes are the best you can get. At such a price, Rhythm Tech is possibly the only brand to offer a top-quality product among all bar chimes. The consumer can obtain a top-class chime with a perfect pitch, a shiny and sturdy body for a memorable musical experience.

Immerse yourself in the sea of music and rejuvenate as the bar chimes fill your soul with calmness and happiness.

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