Toca T-TLKD Talking Drum Review

About the product

This hourglass – shaped figure is a type of talking drum which is not only musical adorable but is gifted with a classic design appealing in nature. It is used in various fields of music to add a spicy touch. It is a brand-new addition to the beautiful list of Toca, its maker, as model named T-TLKD. It falls under the category of musical instruments as Djembe type with Drums & Percussions and Folk & World Hand Drums as its sub-categories. The musical approach of this talking drum is mesmerizing, forcing you to express out your true feelings musically, relieving you of all tensions and problems for a while and rejuvenating you with positive energy.

Basic construction

  1. The length of this talking drum is 17.4 inches.
  2. The breadth of this talking drum is 9.2 inches.
  3. The height of this talking drum is 8.9 inches.
  4. The weight of this talking drum Is 3.8 pounds.

Attractive features

There are several attractive features of this talking drum. In the following points, we are going to mention some of the important ones-

  1. It is extremely lightweight which makes it convenient for carrying purposes.
  2. The synthetic shell as the covering around is very durable due to the high-quality material used.
  3. The skin heads of goat used in making are authentic.
  4. Beater is included with the purchase of the product.
  5. The finishing is inspired from African mask design.
  6. The head is 8 inches and the product is 16 inches tall.
  7. The change in pitch and tone is by the pressure on the cords during the play in the form of squeezing and releasing them.
  8. It is helpful for all beginners, intermediates and advanced ones.

How does it Fare?

With the price range, it falls in and the features it offers, combinedly, it is difficult to find one like it – absolute stunner. You could not complain anything about this product, no matter how much you want to try, even deliberately. A musical stunner and gorgeous with looks, it is a definite one to watch out for. It is far more advanced than its contemporaries, throwing them out of the winning league of successful acclaims as it has highly favored ratings and reviews from the users of this item and other skilled persons of this field.


You can purchase it on Amazon at the cost price of $63.99 with free shipping and several other lucrative offers at reducing its cost. This item is allowed for shipping within the U.S. but is not eligible for shipping, internationally. You will love it for sure once you will play it. It will make your surroundings melodiously musical and is a great item to deal with. It is definitely worth your invested money, time and trust.

This absolute stunner awaits you! Go and get it as fast as possible! Go musical! Go drumming! Go intense! Express your feelings with this musical stunner.

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