Gon Bops Agogo Bell with Clamp Review

Gon Bops Agogo Bell with Clamp uses heavy-gauge steel, making it safe from any kind of physical wear and tear. These Tumbao Bells from the line of Gon Bops Cowbell are special and a favorite among newbies and oldies alike.

They can generate symphonies for you to dance onto in the much varying genres of Jazz, Latin and Rock. The Gon Bops Agogo Bell come with less sustain, a drier sound and a minimal under tone. This instrument is a heavenly ensemble for your drum set and timbales. Apart from this, this percussion comes at a cheap price so its light on your pocket too and a lovely instrument to begin your musical voyage with. 

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Basic Construction

It is a conical structured or which can also be seen as a truncated cone shaped musical instrument that is painted with a steel. The two cones are linked via a bent steel which has undergone welding to form a double coned musical instrument producing musical harmonies. The Gon Bops Agogo Bells are from the Tumbao Series Bells and are crafted to last for a long time. These which are welded from heavy gauged steel, can withstand abuse easily for quite a long time. A patented V clamp enables it to be unique and very useful. The mounting grip also provides an expert grip. It is designed in such a way that it can easily be clamped onto rods and arms. The Gon Bops construction ensures effective loud and fine sound quality.

Attractive Features

  • The engineering of the clamp is such that its design makes it useful when it comes to the hands of the growing musicians.
  • The Bells are the highest pitched of all Gon Bops in the market. This in turn makes it a very versatile and variated musical instrument.
  • It can produce symphonies to complement Latin, Rock or Jazz styles of music. It is also a marvellous addition for music like Drum set or Timbales.
  • A V grip mounting system on this musical instrument enables the musician to have a great grip on his Agogo Bell.
  • It is Structured with heavy gauge steel. This makes the product reliable and durable against all kinds of rough usage and abuse.
  • It is available in sleek black colors that is extremely popular among the musicians.
  • The Gon Bops Agogo Bell with Clamp is easily mountable and hence is convenient for performances anywhere.
  • It comes with the legendary name of Gon Bops which marks quality and is a stature of assurance and faith in itself.

How Does It Fare?

It ranks highly among other Agogo bells. The Gon Bops Agogo Bell is a marvel because of its light weight, accessibility, convenience, durability and harmonious sound, among all other competitor musical instruments. Due to all these of its attractive features, this is a highly rated instrument for all musicians – whether they are at their initial stage of musical voyage or are further down the expertise line when it comes to bell drumming. Because of its deft craftsmanship and multi toned bells, the musicians have a great time playing their hearts out on this bell.

Value For Money

You can get the Gon Bops Agogo Bell with Clamp on sites like Amazon along with no worry for shipping charges depending on the country you live in. It is extremely difficult to acquire such an Agogo Bell with multi benefits at such a frugal budget. The sound quality will leave you astounded and wanting for more.

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