Aquarian SKII22 Bass Drum Head Review

Aquarium SKII22 Bass Drum Head is one of the best drum heads available at present. The compact and powerful design gives it a distinction and elevates its performance. Being one of the few drum heads to be equipped with the two ply super-kick version, it is highly durable and versatile. The clear two-ply system is also responsible for the exceptional sound quality.

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Basic Construction

Two clear film of 7 mm ply is the basic constructing material of the product. The outer perimeter is bounded with a band of cosmetic coating which is black in appearance. The inside has a 3/4” ring of circular white cardboard. The overall product dimensions are 23 x 23 x 1 inches and the weight is 1.9 pounds. Although it utilizes two plies, it still does not weigh a lot and this low weight also enhances its portability. The Patented Floating Muffling System by Aquarium is kept intact at its required position along the outermost edge with the help of glue.

Attractive Features

  • The clear Super-Kick 2 version is the best, when it comes to bebop and it is even a good match for the bullet-hard metal.
  • It has got a commendable tonal range which presents a variety of tuning options for the drummer.
  • Installation of two 7 mil plies is an outstanding feature. The inner ply acts as a support for the outer one, resulting in extra durability and highly focused sound.
  • The most remarkable thing of this product is the built in floating muffling ring system. It is unique in its working as the felt is used as a damping material. This gives the sound quality a boost and damping is always in its prime.
  • On the rear, it is equipped with a soft muffle ring which helps in creating that low-frequency and adjusts sound to give it more punch.

How Does It Fare?

Aquarian SKII22 Bass Drum Head is wonderful in so many ways. It eliminates most of the loopholes that ordinary drum heads possess. Performance wise, it is considered to be one of the best rated and most liked bass drum heads around as it can be used continuously without fail and can withstand the roughest of the use.

Value for Money

It is a little expensive but it justifies its cost due to its striking features. The unique design, the extra durability, the overloaded features and the high-performance scale makes the above stated price a reasonable one.

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