Meinl Percussion HB50BK Bongo Drums Review

Meinl Percussion HB50BK Bongo Drums is yet another exciting product in their Headliner Series of musical instruments. This set guarantees nothing less than absolutely stunning performance with their durable and strong make. The pair of bongo drums are perfect to be used in any kind of performance, which range from practicing at home to actual gigs or even to be used in recording studios. Along with the instruments a tuning wrench is also provided for tuning purposes before playing. A good lifetime of the product is another prime reason for its huge success in the market among other similar models.

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Basic Construction

The extremely light and durable make of the bongos can be credited to their base material which is ABS plastic. This makes any amount of banging on the heads possible due to the withstanding capacity of the shell. For authentic music to be made, the buffalo heads which are hand selected are used. The size of each of the instruments in the pair are 6.5 inches and 7.5 inches each. Rounded rims have been added to ensure perfect synchronization and comfort while playing the instruments. In total, the instrument weigh about 7 pounds and are quite large.

Attractive Features

The Bongos have been well received by both beginners and professional percussionists alike due to a multitude of reasons. Let’s have a look at some of them to gain better insight into the product.

  • The built and finishing of the instruments have been done to perfection. Its smooth texture, light weight and sunburnt finishing make it an attraction which cannot be resisted. The feel of the Bongos when played is quite intoxicating indeed!
  • Another reason to keep playing these beauties is the rich acoustic mixture which emanates from them. The lugs of the bongos can be tuned very easily using the tuning wrench to produce excellent bongo music. Each material has been selected to amplify the resonating sounds for the ultimate perfect music to be produced.
  • The light weight of the Bongos is an added advantage when they are to be played on the lap. The manufacturers also provide stands with adjustable height which can be bought along with the product. The size is also such that it can be easily transported around like in the boot of a car.
  • Another great feature in this set is the provision of soft rubber feet. This is quite useful when the set has to be stored properly and also when they have to be played on smooth surfaces like on tiles or the surface of tables.
  • The bongos have the perfect loudness. It is not too loud but can be heard distinctly when played along with a set of percussion instruments. Moreover, when being practiced, it can be stuffed with a cloth to lower the loudness if silence is to be maintained in the environment where it is played.

How Does It Fare?

These Banjos by Meinl are totally one of the best deals out there. With such a positive response amongst the music community, these instruments are definitely something to try out. The quality is such that it lasts a really long time and is worth spending a little extra on if you are keen on the lifetime of the instrument. Further, this can be paired up with other instruments for really beautiful and classy music to be produced.

Value For Money

For the high quality that is ensured with this model and brand of instruments, the cost is quite a deal indeed! It can be found on many online shopping sites and are sold by various dealers within the reasonable price range. There are also certain sites which may offer free shipping. The icing on the cake is the official two-year warranty by Meinl itself. They will replace it in case there is any defect in the workmanship or material which causes the instrument to not live up to its famed quality.

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