Toca Synergy Series Bongo Set Review

Made by creative artisans of Thailand, Toca Synergy Series Bongo Set provides great percussion for learning musicians. It is especially wonderful for kids if you want your children to play with drums and bongos. Toco Synergy Bongo has an economical price and amazing percussion.

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Basic Construction

Toca Synergy bongos are built by taking wood from Thailand and its manufacturing also involves input from local artisans as well as musicians. The heads are 6 and 6 ½ inches and are carved from tural rawhide. Further, the wood has a 28-inch size along with a shell construction structure that is put in the overall making of these bongos. The hardware for this Toca Synergy series is black coated and created from plywood giving it a fantastic durability and quality percussion for both professional as well as amateur use.

Attractive Features

  • Built from Thailand wood, this bongo set emanates fine tones and has been superiorly rated by many musicians for the percussion that it provides.
  • The best part about this series is that even a layman can try playing them easily, so these bongos are idyllic for people of all ages. Whether you are a qualified musician or a young kid, they are perfect for both learning or making new music.
  • The stands provided with these drums make them hassle-free to play plus the overall construction is very fine in quality, turning it into a sturdy instrument.
  • This series also permits you to adjust the head tuning as you want and with the use of plywood, the strength and stability is ensured.

How Does It Fare?

Given a chic Bahama Blue color, this stunning bongo series is one of the best bongo drums available in the market. You can play them with your kids or add to the musical piece you are working for; this bongo set is good to go with its superior quality. Furthermore, it is handcrafted by Thailand artisans and is built from plywood shell construction which gives it strength, making the percussion quite tuneful and melodious.

Value For Money

Talking about its worth, the construction of these bongo drums is done in Thailand and the performance is also very impressive. Moreover, the blue color accentuates the look of this bongo set.

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