Latin Percussion LPA610-AWC Aspire Quinto Conga Review

Latin Percussion is the market leader when it comes to percussion instruments. The quinto drum is manufactured from purely natural raw materials, not comprising of any machine made or artificially crafted product. The natural raw materials of the product mean the sound that you get out of it is as natural as you want, which brings you to the end of your life-long search. Powered with EZ curved rims to have improved strength, the instrument definitely has all the qualities that you are in search of. Let us have a look at some other smart parameters of this smart instrument.

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Basic Construction

With a length of 14.5 inches, breadth of 14.5 inches and height of 29.5 inches, the instrument is very smartly built. The Latin Percussion LPA610-AWC Aspire Quinto Conga weighs just 29.6 pounds, mainly because of the superior build of the product. It is made up of the all-natural Oak that is available in the market. The build of the material is what holds supreme importance in deciding the quality, performance, precision, and durability of the instrument. And when it comes to the above-mentioned points, the instrument is a big hit because of the use of supreme construction method. Thus, it can be concluded that this Quinto is the ultimate quinto drum you should look up to.

Attractive Features

Currently, in this competitive market, you need to be the stand out performer to sustain the pressure of challenges originating every day. Now, let us have a look at some of the most attractive features of this quinto drum.

  • It is crafted with supreme precision from kiln-dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak. The use of the kiln dried woods provides it with many qualities. The major studying points of the performance of the instrument are the music produced, strength and durability. although the first point depends on the quality of skin used, the second and third points depend mainly on the quality of wood used. Hence, the use of best possible raw material provides it with the required sturdiness and durability that you are looking for.
  • The drum has an effective height of 28 inches and the required diameter of 10 inches.
  • The instrument has a perfectly suitable weight of 29.6 pounds owing to the superior quality of raw products which have been used.
  • It also features chrome side plates, which provides it with the correct measure of strength and melody.
  • It is provided with LP’s EZ Curve Rims which make it more durable and eco-friendly.
  • The package includes turning wrench which is required to fine tune the instrument.

How Does It Fare?

Latin Percussion Quinto Conga– Natural is one of the best instruments available in the market currently. What makes this instrument best is its ability to produce the most natural of sounds. The music produced by it is of the utmost quality and has got the capability to easily cast its spell over the audiences. Add to all these durability and strength of the product and you will be convinced that you have one of the best quinto drums in your possession. The instrument does not get damaged easily despite rough handling. It has been seasoned to withstand rough use. So, you can easily rely on this product for all your musical performances.

Value For Money

When it comes to quality, no product is anywhere near to this product by Latin Percussion. So, keep aside all the hesitations and doubts that you have over the product and bring this product home.

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