Chopra Tabla Drum Set Review

A perfect gift for your Tabla playing friend or your music loving son, the Chopra Tabla Drum Set is a product which you ought to own. This complete tabla set is made out of high-quality nickel and wood that does give you one of the best sounds you have ever heard.

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Basic Construction

The Bayan and the Dayan have been made using handmade skin thereby ensuring greater quality. The shell of these tabla has been made using nickel and wood which produces feet tapping beats for the audience to enjoy. Dayan is made out of metal has the diameter of 10 to 11 inches while the Bayan which is made of wood is 5 to 5.5 inch in diameter. Both of these devices have been tuned to C# or D# and are accompanied by accessories such as carrying case and hammer.

Attractive Features

One of the finest products of its kind, this product does have some key features that are listed below.

  • Made out of superior quality metal as well as wood, both the Tablas offer a high degree of durability and use.
  • Made out of the handmade skin, the face of both these tablas are made to suit your hands to produce greater frequency music.
  • Additional accessories such as the tuning hammer, cover cushions make it an affordable choice.
  • Carry case is also provided for you to easily move this instrument around.

How Does It Fare?

This product does fare well in all departments provided that it has a superior quality raw material used in its making. The product consists of nickel and wood shell loaded with handmade skin which allows the player to produce a variety of sounds simply by tuning in the Tablas using the tuning blocks provided. There are added accessories such as the cushion, the covers and the carry case each of which does save in any extra costs which you need to spend after purchasing this product.

Value for Money

Available on various e-commerce portals, this product is a sure great investment for people to put their money in. Superior quality handmade skin along with a concrete and durable base do make it one of the best choices for anyone planning to buy this piece of elegance.

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