Maharaja Concert Designer Tabla Drum Set Review

The Concert Designer Tabla set produced by Maharaja Musicals, is yet another great product in the line of classical Indian tabla drums that they manufacture. This drum set consists of the following: a Bayan made of copper, a Dayan made of high quality wood, a small collection of cushions as well as covers to place the tabla drums on and also a tuning hammer along with a book on the basics of learning the tabla for beginners. The high-end design and great performance of the drums is one of the primary reasons for the success of the product in the market.

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Basic Construction

The Bayan which is the larger metal drum is made out of copper, with a weight of 4.3 kilograms and a height of about 11 inches. The smaller wooden drum, known as the Dayan weighs about 3 kilograms and is tunable to the C#. The drumhead, also called the puddi, is exquisite due to the fact that it is made out of handmade woven material and not just mass produced by machines. The whole designer tabla set weighs about 29 pounds and is well tested before shipping to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Attractive Features

The Designer Tabla set has got innumerable features which have contributed to its widespread sale and fame in every corner of the world. Let’s go through some of them in order to gain better insight into the product.

  • The uniquely woven and braided puddis contribute to the perfect resonating sound when played by the musician. In addition, the texture and feel of the drumhead is in itself quite am impetus to encourage continuous playing of the instrument.
  • Each of the tablas are beautifully crafted and are masterpieces of the music that they produce. The rhythm produced by the Dayan is due to the high quality Sheesham wood out of which it is made.
  • The carry bag provided along with the set, is perfect to fit the accessories as well as the tabla drums in order to carry the set around. It is further padded to ensure that the items do not get damaged even if the bag is handled a little carelessly or placed on rough surfaces.
  • The manufacturer ensures excellent service by making sure that the products that they ship are not faulty by any chance. They also provide prompt delivery while taking serious considerations on any complaint filed by the customer. This is one reason that the product continues to maintain its high standards and has also got a great world-wide customer base.
  • The pegs as well as the tuning hammer, help to tune the tabla drums to the way the musician wants it to be played. Moreover, the beginners’ book which is included in the set is highly helpful for tuning as well as for beginning to play for amateurs.

How Does It Fare?

This tabla drum set is available for a really cheap price considering its excellent finishing as well as its performance. The music that the instruments make once it is tuned is definitely other-worldly. The complete set, which comprises many individual components, leaves nothing to be missed out. The manufacturer has made sure that everything needed to play as well as store and transport the instruments from place to place have been entirely provided within a single package. All this makes buying this product a great convenience with respect to the really low price and also the thoughtfulness of the manufacturer with regard to customer satisfaction.

Value For Money

The production of this tabla set is solely done in India and is available for shipping to other parts of the world through online shopping sites. The really attractive price range of this impressive tabla set falls within an affordable range. The extensive packaging, which takes about 10 minutes to totally unwrap, is done with care to make sure that each product reaches the customer well on time and without any kind of damage. Such great features being available at such a rate is something to grab onto! This deal makes sure that the customer gets more value than what they paid for.

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