9 Best Tabla Sets For a Soulful Play

Tablas are a musical percussion instrument that originated in India. They are an integral part of Indian classical music in many ways. A tabla set has two parts- a bayan and a dayan. They both are played simultaneously to get the perfect sound tone. The sound tones produced by tabla are unique and can be seldom produced by any other musical instrument. If you want to learn something unique, soothing and different, go for tabla. Here are the top nine tabla sets available in the market to get you started.

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1. Maharaja Tabla Drum Set

The Maharaja Tabla Drum Set is a new product that comes with many things. There is a tabla hammer to adjust the pitch, padding to give support to the instrument. A dayan tabla is also provided with the bayan tabla for a complete set. A manual is also given to help beginners.


  • This product is handcrafted in India—the country from which tabla originally belongs.
  • This drum set has everything you need to play all the finest tunes.


  • You need to hit the drum heads a little hard to get higher tones.

The bayan (tabla you play from your left hand) is made from black brass and will weigh about 3 kgs. The dayan (the tabla you play from your right hand) is made of Sheesham wood. The craftsmanship of this product is the reason for its superior quality of music.

2. Maharaja Musicals Basic Tabla Drums Set

This tabla set by Maharaja Musicals has a steel bayan of about 2 kgs. This makes it ideal for beginners or people who do not yet have an expert hand on tablas. The dayan is made of sheesham wood and comes with a pre tuning of C# or D#. A hammer is also provided for the tuning part with a book on tablas.


  • This product is an original product from India—the land where this instrument is played intensively.
  • The tabla is very cheap and will be perfect for people who don’t want to spend too much.


  • The tabla book might be a little difficult to understand for native English speakers. This is because it is directly translated from Hindi to English, without any consideration given to the major difference between these two languages.

Overall, this tabla is perfect for beginners as the bayan is lighter and the cost is also on the cheaper side. Furthermore, it comes with all the things you will ever require in a tabla set.

3. Maharaja Concert Designer Tabla Drum Set

Maharaja has come up with the perfect tabla drum set that you can now easily flaunt in front of your friends. The bayan is made of copper and weighs about 4.5 kg. Furthermore, it is decorated with a design that makes it perfect for concerts. The dayan is made from black sheesham wood and is pre tuned to C#.


  • This is an original product that is valued highly.
  • It comes with a carry bag in addition to a tunning hammer, support cushions, a tabla book and covers.


  • This product is only meant for expert tabla players.

Although beginners can also try their hand, this tabla is more suited for professionals. This is because it weighs a little more and the craftsmanship is more suited for experts. In addition, the tabla will be perfect for all concerts because of its glossy design.

4. Maharaja Pro Flower Designer Tabla Set

Maharaja Pro Flower Designer Tabla Set comes with a 3.5 kg bayan and is made of copper. The dayan is made of sheesham wood and is tuned with C#. Also comes with handmade braided puddis. A padded bag, cushions, tabla covers and a tunning hammer are other things that come with this set.


  • The tabla is pre tested by professionals to ensure a high quality.
  • The tabla is hand crafted by experienced craftsmen.


  • It is suited more for professionals.

A flower design is carved into the copper bayan for beautification and therefore this tabla will go well with concerts. The tabla is made for professionals and all the necessary tests are taken beforehand to ensure a high quality product that gives high satisfaction to all tabla players.

5. Haridas Vhatkar Tabla Drum Set

Haridas Vhatkar is a well known name among all musicians. The name alone tells you about the superior craftsmanship of this product. The bayan weighs about 3.5 kg and is made of chromed copper. The dayan is made of sheesham wood. Like all tabla sets, this comes with a tunning hammer, cushions tabla cover.


  • The tabla set is crafted to go well with the ambience of concerts.
  • A carry bag will make it easier for you to carry this set.


  • It is really expensive.

If you are an expert tabla player, then go for this tabla set. The product is shipped from India itself and is pre tested by professionals. An original product, it is from a trusted manufacturer and therefore will not disappoint you.

6. Maharaja Classic Tabla Drum Set

Maharaja Classic Tabla Drum Set has a brass bayan that weighs 3 kg. The dayan is of sheesham wood and is tuned to C#. The tuning hammer, cushions for tabla, a tabla book and tabla cover is also provided.


  • This instrument is made and imported from India—the country from which this instrument originally comes from.
  • This product is hand crafted.


  • The carry bag is not of a good quality and needs to be replaced.

Overall, this tabla set from Maharaja Musicals lies on a moderate price range. It has a simple design and is all about the high performance, not the design. The simplicity is perfect for dedicated musicians who want a high quality product with a good sound quality.

7. Maharaja Concert Lord Shiva Design Brass Tabla Set

Maharaja Concert Lord Shiva Design Brass Tabla Set has a copper bayan of 4 kg. The dayan is of black sheesham wood and is tuned to C#. A tuning hammer with a padded bag and a set of cushions are also added. Tabla covers with a tabla book are the other things included in this tabla set.


  • The tabla is from India and is hand crafted to ensure a high quality.
  • A Lord Shiva design is engraved on the bayan.
  • The tabla set is perfect for all musical gatherings.


  • It is meant more for experts.
  • You might have to spend a little more on this tabla set.

This tabla set is tested by professionals beforehand to ensure it has a high sound quality and fares well on all departments. This bayan is about 4 kgs and therefore it might be a little heavier for beginners.

8. Tabla for Kids – Kids Tabla Kit

This Tabla set for kids is especially crafted for small kids who are just starting to learn this instrument. This kit includes a metal bayan, a wood dayan, carrying bag, tuning blocks and a hammer. The dayan has eight gattas with a top drum head of 6 inches. Gattas are the wooden dowels are used for tuning the dayan. The bayan is about 9.5 inches on the top diameter.


  • It is made especially for kids.
  • The weight is light and can be easily carried.


  • The cost is inexpensive.

Kids will find it extremely easy to play as the weight of the tabla is light. Its design is that you don’t have to hit too hard to play this instrument. The additional things that you get with this tabla are a plus.

9. Chopra Tabla Drum Set

Chopra tabla drum set has a bayan made from a mixture of brass and nickel. The dayan is made from sheesham wood and comes with a hammer, covers, support cushions and a case for transportation.


  • A sturdy cover case is a good addition.
  • It is perfect for tabla students and beginners.


  • Not for professional tabla players.

If you are someone who is just learning to play tabla, this set is a worthy investment. The cost will fall on a more moderate price range as compared to other tabla sets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tabla Sets

What are the parts of a tabla?

A tabla is made of a two drums called bayan (baya) and dayan (daya). The bayan is played with the left hand and is about 8 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height. The dayan is played with the right hand and is about 6 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height.

How difficult is to play a tabla?

Tabla is played entirely by hand and involves the use of fingers and palms extensively. You can create a variety of sound tones through the combination of your fingers and palm movements. It requires a considerable amount of practice and therefore it is advisable to engage a suitable tutor if you want to learn this instrument.

What materials is tabla made of?

The bayan is made of metal in most cases and some also use brass. In general copper and steel are the most used metals. Also, chrome coating is used to give a shiny finish. The metal used determines the sound tone of the bayan.
The dayan is mainly made from wood (sheesham wood). This wood is light and is perfect for a resonant sound.

What if the bayan has a dent?

The bayan may have a dent due to transportation but this does not affect its sound tones in any manner. You can get it replaced if you want but it is generally not required.

Can the heads of tabla be replaced?

The tabla heads can be replaced but it is not advisable to do the same on your own. Contact your nearer store or the tabla’s manufacturer for the same.

How many years will a tabla last?

A good quality tabla can last for more than 15 years without any drum head replacement.



The larger drum of the tabla set and is played by the left hand.


The smaller drum of the tabla set and is played by the right hand.


The goat head skin or the tabla’s drum head is called a puddi.


Tabla sets can be divided into three main groups—for professionals, for beginners and for kids (10 yrs and below). If you are a professional looking for something that will go well with your expertise and will be perfect for concerts, then go for Haridas Vhatkar Tabla Drum Set or MAHARAJA Concert Designer Tabla Drum Set.

For beginners or people who are not much of an expert, Tabla Set by Maharaja Musicals, Basic Tabla Drums Set and Chopra Tabla Drum Set are good options. Kids should go for Tabla for Kids – Kids Tabla Kit which is lighter in weight than other tabla drum set.

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