Maharaja Pro Flower Designer Tabla Set Review

Here are the details of yet another great product from Maharaja Musicals, a famed instrument manufacturer in India. The Pro Flower Designer Tabla Set has been made to perfection, targeting musical players from amateurs to professionals. This set consists of every essential item required in addition to the prime instruments which are the Dayan made of wood and the Bayan made of copper. The professional quality set consists of a basic learning book, tuning hammer, cushions to place the tablas on and finally a bag to carry all of this items together, making it quite handy indeed!

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Basic Construction

The Dayan (treble), which weighs about 3.5 kilograms, has been carved to perfection out of high quality Sheesham wood. The other instrument, Bayan (bass), has been made out of copper in the flower design and weighs about 3 to 4 kilograms. Both the tabla drums have a height of around 10 inches. At attractive feature is that the drumheads, also known as the puddis, are handmade to a length of 5 inches and contribute to its luxurious setting. The whole set of items weigh about 22 pounds when shipped.

Attractive Features

The strategic inclusion of every accessory required for a tabla drum set, easily makes it one of the most preferred products in the domain of music. Let’s look into some of the characteristics which contribute to the fame of this particular tabla set of Maharaja Musicals.

  • The bag provided with the set is conveniently used for hauling the instruments along with the associated accessories. The bag has been padded to provide protection to its contents, in case the bag is subjected to rough handling or uneven surfaces.
  • A tuning hammer which is worth about $ 15 is included in the set. It is used to tune the Dayan to the C# or the D#.
  • The book on the basics of tuning and learning to play the tabla set is quite a good addition to the set. This is a definite help to beginners who have just bought the tabla set with the intention of learning to play it.
  • The high quality materials out of which the tablas are made ensure that the process of tuning is quite easy. Moreover, the music from the instruments are impeccable and resonate with clarity.
  • The hand-braided drumheads contribute to the velvety texture of the tabla drums. The feel of it is in itself quite enough to provide a continuous impetus to keep playing.
  • Being a product made in India, which is a huge base for classical music, this product is very authentic. It is sure to provide buyers with the highest degree of contentment, not only with regard to the quick delivery, but also due to its professional testing process.
  • The prime feature responsible for the huge success of the product is the quick and effective response of the manufacturers to any kind of complaints. Their high level of emphasis on customer satisfaction has contributed to the fame of their products.

How does it Fare?

These tabla drums are nothing less than masterpieces in the world of musical instruments. Getting such a great product, which produces amazing music at such a low cost is an offer which definitely cannot be resisted. The workmanship put into the instruments ensures that they deliver world class performance. In addition, the service guaranteed by the manufacturers, make it one of the best companies to buy indigenous instruments from. Getting all the required components in a single package further contributes to the fact that this product is worth spending money on.

Value for Money

The price at which the product is available is quite a deal indeed. At such a price, the whole Pro Flower Designer Tabla Set is shipped across from India to anywhere that you would like it. Some dealers may also provide the choice of free shipping. This classical Hindustani instrument lives up to its expectations and provides beautiful music for a very long life time. All these features make sure that spending on this specific product is a really wise decision to make.

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