Haridas Vhatkar Tabla Drum Set Review

Haridas Vhatkar Tabla Drum Set is a leader in its category. With the bayan weighing 3.5 kg and made up of chromed copper topped up with a special sheesham wood dayan, the table set is really an attractive one, forcing the ardent tabla players to consider it as one of its kind. Made in India under the careful guidance of famous tabla player Haridas Vhatkar and carved out of supreme precision, the product is no doubt set to lead the charge in today’s challenging market. So, this is definitely the product you need to have.

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Basic Construction

The Bayan has high quality handmade puddi which varies from 9 to 9.25 inches and has a height of 10 to 11 inches. To top that of, it weighs just three to three and a half kilograms. Then there is a great looking black sheesham dayan of five to five and a half inches which again weighs between four to five kilograms. So, if there is one quality of the product which wins over all other, it is definitely the construction of the product. The designing, materials, process and finishing is all top-notch, making it a true winner in terms of construction.

Attractive Features

The instrument is full of some really appreciable features. Some of them are:

  • The bayan of the tabla set has been made of chromed copper bayan, giving it durability, performance and attractive look at the same time.
  • The instrument has been handcrafted in India, which is the world leader in product of tabla.
  • The product comes with cushion sets for complete protection.
  • Tested by expert Haridas Vhatkar before shipping.

How Does It Fare?

The Haridas Vhatkar Tabla Drum Set has been built under the expert supervision of Ustad Haridas Vhatkar himself and this clears all the air about the quality of the product. So, there is no point worrying about the quality of the product. Just close your eyes and order the product to have the great experience of soothing music. The tabla set is accompanied with a hammer, cushion sets for the safety of the instrument and with a book which will help you in learning this highly sophisticated but important instrument.

Value for Money

A product has to be rightly and economically priced apart from being full of features and qualities for it to be a winner in the market and to create mayhem for all the competitors out there. The Haridas Vhatkar Tabla Drum definitely constitutes of all the qualities that have been mentioned above.

The product comes with the feature of free shipping, which is available in most of the states at present. The price looks absolutely justified and the product can be considered as a coup, given the qualities of the product. So, there is no point in hesitating and being unsure. Just close your eyes and click on the order button and bring this enviable set of instruments to your home and be ready to be the hero among all your folks.

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