Maharaja Classic Tabla Drum Set Review

Maharaja Classic Tabla Drum Set, 3 Kg Bayan, finest Dayan with book is brings the experience of classic tabla playing within a highly reasonable price range. Comprising of a three-kilogram fine quality bayan made out of sheesham wood, the tabla set comes with all the features required to play in concerts and deliver beautiful musical performances.

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Basic Construction

The bayan of the tabla set is made of brass with high quality handmade puddi ranging between 9 to 9.35 inches while the height of the instrument ranges between 10 to 11 inches. Due to the sheer quality of raw materials used for the manufacture of the product, the weight of such high quality bayan ranges between the marks of two and a half kilogram to three kilograms. To top off that, the dayan is made up of special sheesham ranging between five to five and a half inches and weighing between three to four kilograms. Thus, the product’s built is exceptional and has got in it the credentials to set it apart from the rest of the field.

Attractive Features

The Maharaja Classic Tabla Drum Set, 3 Kg Bayan, Finest Dayan with book is the most durable and elegant among all the classic tabla sets which are currently available in the market. Let us have a look at some of the attractive features of the product.

  • The bayan of this excellent tabla set has been made up of copper, rendering it the desired strength, durability and performance all at the same time.
  • The instrument has been handcrafted in India, which is considered as the true home of the classical music and is still the world leader when it comes to the production of these sophisticated instruments.
  • The product is accompanied with a set of cushions and covers which provide complete protection to the musical instrument.
  • The product has been tested by one of the most reputable tabla player before being shipped for sale, which assures about the quality of the set.
  • The skin of both bayan and dayan is handmade and is not one of the cheap machine-made skins which are available in the market. The skin gives superior sound and is durable.

How Does It Fare?

When it comes to checking the performance of the instrument, the professionals are called upon. However, when you have an instrument which is checked by an expert before delivery, there is hardly any room for finding some error in the performance. The tabla set does not comprise of only bayan and dayan but also has the protective cushions, cover, hammer and the book which is required to learn the basics of the sophisticated instrument.

Value for Money

Setting a reasonable and economical price apart from all the features and qualities is pretty important for the product to be the true ruler of the market. And if you ask me for an example, I will take the name of Maharaja Classic Tabla Drum Set with the finest dayan is the answer which you will get. The product is reasonably priced and has free shipping in most of the states.

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