Pacific Drums by DW Mini Timbale Review

Looking for some additional accessories for your drum set? Then look no further as you come across this DW Mini Timbale, Chrome Plated Steel, 4X10 which will prove as a great addition to your existing instrument. This single piece does add the unique Latin touch to the music and brings to you a unique and new sound.

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Basic Construction

Made out of steel shell this drum has a diameter of 10 inches and a plastic face. There is a tuning screw provided which allows you easily customize the sound. The chrome plated finish gives it one of a kind look and makes it appear as a part of any drum set you own.

Attractive Features

There are some great features accompanied by this drum, some of which include:

  • Great chrome plated finish which gives an elegant look to this drum,
  • Made out of steel which offers a greater durability to this product.
  • 10 inches in diameter this product is compact in size and easy to pair with any drum set.
  • Tuning screw provides you an option of customizability and hence produce a variety of sounds.

How Does It Fare?

Made out of steel this product sure is much durable than the drums which are made out of maple wood. This product has a chrome plated finish which adds some elegance to its design, and hence this product fares well in look as well. Tuning screw along with plastic face do give users and option to set sound according to one’s need and therefore inducing versatility in this timbale.

Value for Money

You can get this product within an affordable price range which is a worthy investment considering the steel body it has and the elegant design it possesses. So, if you are planning on buying a timbale for your drum set, then this is the product is sure the one you can buy.

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