9 Best Classical Guitar Strings of 2024 To Strung Out Tunes

Strings are heart and soul of a guitar and sound quality of your guitar mainly depends on it. Low-quality strings on your high-end guitar can easily ruin the sound performance. Classical guitars are associated with producing feel and tone of sound, so, selection of best classical guitar strings becomes more crucial.

Classical guitars are different from the acoustic guitars in the sense that classical sounds have more warmness and mellow tunes. For this reason, classical guitars do not use steel strings and their strings are rather made up of nylon.

Tension is the most important criteria while choosing classical guitar strings. Classical guitar strings are available in low, normal and high-tension categories.  Low tension strings are easy to play, have less volume and sound a bit more complex. High tension strings have properties opposite to that of low-tension strings and normal tension strings have balanced qualities between these two extremes.

Another important factor for selecting the strings is its gauge or thickness. Thicker strings boost low to mid frequencies while thinner strings produce sound richer in high frequencies.

Are you a beginner struggling to select the best strings for your classical guitar? You have come to the right place as we list the 9 best strings for classical guitars of 2024 available on the market. So, let’s get started!

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1. D’Addario Pro-Arte EJ45 Classical Guitar Strings

D’Addario has been a leading manufacturer of instrument strings from the last 45 years and EJ45 is one of their best-selling string sets. These normal tension strings are affordable and good for students and beginners. The treble strings are made from nylon and winding used on the bass strings are made from silver-plated copper.  As a result, they provide exceptional sound quality and well-balanced clarity.

These strings are very consistent and durable. The balance between bass and treble for these strings is perfect. D’Addario Pro-Arte EJ45 Classical Guitar Strings are plain ended, which means that you have to tie them while putting on your guitar. The affordable price and pleasing dynamic range of these strings makes them really popular.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: .0280, .0322, .0403
  • Bass Strings: .0290, .0350, .0430


  • Affordable price, great for beginners and students.
  • Durable and offer protection from rust and dirt.
  • Very consistent.


  • The strings take some time to settle and demand frequent tuning.

D’Addario’s EJ45 offer a pleasing dynamic range and clear sound. These strings are affordable and suited for guitar pieces of all classical styles and levels. These are one of the best strings on the market and normal tension on the strings offers balance warmth and volume.

2. Ernie Ball Earthwood Folk Classical guitar Strings

Ernie Ball is producing quality guitar strings since 1962 and is probably one of the best manufactures of classical guitar strings. The Ernie Ball Earthwood Folk strings are normal tension strings made of nylon filament. The treble strings are solid nylon strings while the bass strings are made of brass alloy wrapped around the nylon core.  Use of brass makes the strings light and sound warmer than other strings made from traditional materials. They are more suited for slower classic melodies.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: .0280, .0320, .040
  • Bass Strings: .030, .0360, .0420


  • The strings are made from quality material and produce soft and warm sound.
  • The strings are affordable and offer great value for money.


  • They lack a bit of clarity and are not suited for fast passages.
  • These strings require frequent tuning and longer duration to settle.

Since these strings have brass windings, they don’t sound like traditional nylon strings and offer a great option for musicians who want to try playing nylon string instruments.

3. Savarez 500CJ Corum Cristal Classical Guitar Strings

Established in 1770, Savarez is one of the oldest and most prestigious producers of classical guitar strings. Savarez 500CJ Corum Cristal Classical Guitar Strings are a quality and affordable option for every musician.

The high-tension strings ensure great bass and volume. The treble strings are made from nylon and bass strings have silver-plated windings around nylon core resulting in crystal clear sound. These strings have triple layer of protection from corrosion and are highly durable. The high-tension strings provide a flexible feel while offering a quick response at the same time.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: 0.030, 0.034, 0.041
  • Bass Strings: 0.029, 0.034, 0.044


  • Strings are highly durable.
  • Outstanding volume and sound quality.


  • The strings can easily drop out of tune.
  • Require even more tuning than the normal tension strings.

Savarez 500CJ Corum Cristal Classical Guitar Strings are exceptional in performance. These strings are specially designed for professional classical guitar players.

4. Augustine Classic Red Classical Guitar Strings

Established in 1947, Augustine is another popular classical guitar string manufacturer available on the market. The company is credited for creation of the very first nylon string in 1948. Their Classic-Red Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings are one of the most sought after and biggest sellers.

The treble strings are made from nylon and bass strings have silver-plated copper windings over the nylon core for warmness. These strings offer several possibilities to suit the interests and playing styles of different players. The strings are affordable and sound extremely sweet. These strings are highly recommended for beginners as they are softer and easier to play.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: 0.028, 0.032, 0.040
  • Bass Strings: 0.0295, 0.035, 0.0425


  • The strings offer value for money.
  • The strings are easy to adopt and comfortable to play.


  • The strings require cleaning every once in a while, to avoid buzzing.

The strings can be easily adopted to suit the styles of different guitar players. You don’t have to worry about painful fingers as the strings are really comfortable and easy to play.

5. Savarez 520R Rectified Classical Guitar Strings

Savarez 520R Alliance is another quality product from a reputed manufacturer. The set consists of rectified carbon trebles and silver-plated wound bases promising a long life.

The rectified strings used in Savarez 520R have more textured feel than regular nylons to provide better control while playing. The textured strings make holding complex chords easier. The bass strings are warm with strong tone. These strings are affordable and provide clear and smooth sound. These are ideal for beginners and students.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: .0280, .0325, .040
  • Bass Strings: .030, .0335, .0430


  • The strings produce high-quality and clear sound.
  • They provide more control on the strings while fretting.
  • These are affordable and offer value for money.


  • Occasional squeaks while changing fretting positions.
  • Require extra care while tuning as harsh tuning might break the strings.

The Savarez 520 Alliance strings are textured and offer more control while playing. This affordable set of strings is convenient and ideal for beginners.

6. Hannabach 815-HT Classical Guitar Strings

Hannabach is a renowned manufacturer of strings for musical instruments. This German company was established in 1869 and has produced some phenomenal classical guitar strings. The 815-HT set of strings are best-selling strings from Hannabach. These strings are high tension strings with outstanding clarity and volume.

The treble strings are made from nylon and the bass strings are silver coated. Use of high-quality material and precision engineering makes the strings durable and sound quality is phenomenal. These strings are extremely popular and have the capability to take your music to the next level. The company also offers a low-tension set with lower gauges for ease in playing.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: .0280, .0319, .0398
  • Bass Strings: .0280, .0350, .0429


  • The quality of the strings is probably one of the best in the market.
  • Great volume and flawless clarity.


  • The high-tension strings are difficult to play and require a lot of practice and effort to produce clear sound.
  • A bit expensive.

The 815 HT set of strings from Hannabach is a quality product and highly recommended for professional guitarists. They are a bit pricey but the durability and sound quality are absolutely worth extra investment.

7. Martin M160 Classical Guitar Strings

C.F. Martin & Company was founded in 1833 and is famous for manufacturing acoustic guitars. Although the company mostly deals with the instruments, it also produces some interesting set of guitar strings.

Martin M160 is affordable and a light tension set of strings aimed at beginners. These strings are convenient to play and not require much effort to produce quality tone. Since the strings are silver-plated, they offer resistance to corrosion and produce a traditional sound. These strings are quite popular with folk guitar players due to its warm and clear tone.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: 0.028, 0.032,0.040
  • Bass Strings: 0.030, 0.035, 0.043


  • Easy to play.
  • Affordable for beginners.
  • Excellent tuning stability.


  • Since the strings are low tension, volume is not very impressive.

Martin 160 silver-plated classical guitar strings offer great value for money. The set of strings is easy to adopt and ideal for beginners.

8. D’Addario Pro-Arte EJ46 Classical Guitar Strings

Pro-Arte EJ46 classical guitar string set is another quality product from D’Addario. The high-tension strings offer increased resistance and volume while retaining the warmth. The treble strings are made from nylon and the bass strings have sliver-plated copper windings on nylon. As you would expect, quality materials produce rich and high-volume sound.

The strings are laser measured during manufacturing to ensure consistency and quality. EJ46 strings are very durable and can handle aggressive playing styles of professional guitarists. The strings are quite responsive and every movement of finger is well reflected on the tone.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: .0285, .0327, .0410
  • Bass Strings: .030, .036, .044


  • Great value for money.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Rich and loud volume.


  • A bit difficult to tune and require frequent tuning.

D’Addario’s EJ46 are well machined and popular classical guitar strings. These high-tension strings produce loud and quality sound. The strings are durable and responsive against aggressive playing styles.

9. La Bella 820 Red Classical Guitar Strings

La Bella has been a leading manufacturer of classical guitar strings since 1920. The company is known to provide quality products which are quite popular among professional guitarists. La Bella’s 820 Red is a top-selling medium tension set of classical guitar strings.

The distinctive red strings come with nylon trebles and silver-plated wound bass strings. These strings are mainly used for giving brighter tone to dark sounding flamenco guitar players. The strings are sensitive to plucking pattern and produce clear sound. These string sets are packaged using Modified Atmosphere Technology (MAP) to prevent and corrosive damage.

String Gauges:

  • Treble Strings: .0290, .0340, .0410
  • Bass Strings: .029, .034, .042


  • Bright Sound.
  • Durable


  • The strings don’t stay in tune for a long time.

La Bella 820 Elite classical guitar strings offer an ideal balance of volume and convenience. The reliable strings are responsive and produce bright clear sound. These are probably the best strings available on the market for Flamenco guitars.

Selecting a particular set of strings for your classical guitar depends on a lot of factors. Whether you are a beginner who is just learning to play the classical guitar or an expert, the best string set for your guitar depends on your playing technique.

As you might be aware now, the tension and material of the strings can significantly change the sound quality of the guitar. So, our advice will be to keep trying different strings till you find a set which sounds perfect and feels good to play as well. We hope that this article gave you some insight about the importance of strings for a classical guitar and factors to consider while selecting your next set of strings.

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