9 Best Bass Pickups of 2024

Now, the first question which you probably would be asking is, why do you need pickups in the first place? Fair enough.

If you want the sound of your guitar to be more vintage, more blooming, more clear, and with more punch, you need to have pickups.

Pickups are the heart and soul of your guitar. That might sound like an exaggeration, but trust me, it’s not. A good quality pickup can infuse life into even lesser quality guitars, and can provide huge sonic upgrades. Hell, a good pickup can even make your pedal and amplifier sound better!

So, here’s looking at nine best bass pickups in 2024, so you get the best out of your guitar.

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Our Top Picks

Here’s looking at the best bass pickups in each category:

  • Bass active guitar pickups: EMG JH James Hetfield Signature Humbucker Set
    A result of James Hetfield and EMG coming together, it combines passive with active technology, and results in a very distinct sound: warm, punchy, clear, well-balanced.
  • Best single coil-sized humbucker bass pickup:  DiMarzio DP419 Area ’67
    These pickups have great output, combining the sound of ’60s pickups with DiMarzio’s noiseless technology.
  • Best all round humbucker bass pickup:  Seymour Duncan Black Winter Humbucker Set
    Designed mainly for extreme metal, it has moved on to other genres too, because of huge demand, thanks to its versatility.
  • Best all-round single coil pickup:  Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot
    It has an open and balanced sound, with sizzle in higher ends. There’s a very fine balance between dark and bright tones here.

Top Bass Pickup Reviews In 2024

1. EMG JH James Hetfield Signature Humbucker Set

Probably the best pickups available as of now, James Hetfield teamed up to build this amazing product, with sounds which are both passive and active.

This product is especially for fans of Metallica, and EMG already has, over the years, become an inseparable part of the metal genre, with their pickups widely famous for their clarity, their rich response, tightness, be it a studio or on stage.

These JH pickups fit easily to your guitar, thanks to EMG’s solderless connections, which makes the installation process easier.

Be it the component quality, or the metal craftsmanship, everything is of premium level. It has an amazing appearance, thanks to its cool, vintage looks, which is due to the classic pickup shielding.

It is great for down-tuned grinding rhythms, has an enhanced picking attack, and gives a tight response in mids. You still get that 81’s “punchy” feel, but with more overtones, which means a richer texture, and which makes the guitar sound a lot more wider.

Compared to other double pickup sets, it has a distinct sound, mainly because of the combination of passive and active technology, combining the clarity and tightness of active circuitry, along with the rich tone and the warmth of passives.

The bass lacks in the bridge position, especially for clean sounds, you will appreciate it at higher gains. The neck pickup is great for soaring leads, and it delivers very clean and transparent tones, and the overall output is really creamy.


  • Passive or Active: Active
  • Type of Pickup: Humbucker
  • Positions in Pickup: Bridge, Neck
  • Material of Magnet: Alnico
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Covering: Covered


  • Distinct sound from other double pickup sets.
  • Cleaner bass sound, thanks to the steel pole-pieces in bridge.
  • Warm, well-balanced, ability to cut through the most dense mixes.
  • Works great for down tune grinding rhythms.
  • It has a passive as well as active vibe.


  • Can be a bit pricey.

The music produced after you use it is really great: warm, with amazing sustain, versatility, balance, with nice punch, and cuts through the densest of mixes. You get a combination of active as well as passive technology, resulting in a clear, and warm sound. It is the result of James Hetfield and EMG coming together, and the result is obviously going to be perfect! 

2. Gibson ’57 Classic Plus

This pickup, introduced back in the 1990s, gives a balanced response along with full warm tones. Overall, the sound is great, not very aggressive, but has character.

This set, even after so many years, is still the go-to choice for most jazz and blues players, and this set is very often used as an after-market upgrade to guitars. Though it is not very suited for the metal genre.

It gives relatively higher output, thanks to the special alnico II magnet, which is slightly overwound with vintage enamel-coated wire. When played cleanly, or with high gain, it remains smooth, and produces a saturated crunch.

It has simply amazing cleans, rock tones, and vintage tone in spades. The lows are juicy, and the mid end has a velvety, smooth, high end. It is a very versatile set, can really neck, has the vintage Gibson sound, and can mimic the original 50s PAFs.

This “plus” set is almost the same as the ’57 classic, only with some extra wire coil turns, which increases its output. The set has maple spacers, nickel slugs, braided wiring, and nickel plated pole pieces.

The bridge pickup has a great sound, and has a bit of gain because of some amount of overdrive, which is fantastic. The neck is balanced in volume, has quite a dark sound, and gives full, round, vintage sounding.


  • Passive or Active: Passive
  • Type of Pickup: Humbucker
  • Position: Bridge
  • Material of Magnet: Alnico
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Number of Conductors: Two
  • Covering: Covered


  • Detail remains preserved even on higher frequencies
  • Output higher than most jazz pickups
  • Smoother, darker and warmer tone
  • Perfect for more distorted or more saturated tones


  • May have too much character for some players

It has great sounding: warm, dark, detailed, smooth. This set is great for especially blues and jazz players, and has a really vintage sound, perfect for even more distorted or saturated tones.

3. Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele Pickup Set

If you want noiseless pickups, and are looking to upgrade the quality of your pickups, these are a great choice. It’s amazing noise cancellation is because of the special enamel-coated Alnico V magnets, and it is even quieter than your regular humbuckers.

For tele players, overcoming the excess noise and hum is a major struggle. These single coils, having 60s tone featuring brilliant vibration and sting, act very much like humbuckers when it comes to hum elimination. They are as close to proper humbuckers as you can get, and hence are perfect for those who want a humbucker, but with the snap, bite and snarl of a ’60s tele pickup.

For heavier sounds, it is a great choice, as you get to increase gain without getting any hum. Though it does not have a vintage sound to it, you will get an underlying growl-like feeling, along with more power and bite, when you drive them hard.

Because of the nickel-silver cover, the neck pickup has extra clarity, while the bridge pickup is very versatile, great for heavier styles, and has a classic vibrating Tele tone.


  • Passive or Active: Passive
  • Type of Pickup: Humbucker
  • Position: Bridge, Neck
  • Material of Magnet: Alnico
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Covering: Covered


  • The tone is as close to the classic ’60s tele as you can get.
  • A competitive price.
  • Sounds great with clean as well as with distorted tones.
  • Noise reduction is of premium quality.


  • Lacks much bass because of absence of base plates on beige pickup.
  • Might be slightly hard to install.

You get a premium noise reduction, and a set which is even quieter than standard humbuckers, with also the sound of classic ’60s tele pickups. The sound is great, quite versatile: works great with distortions as well as clean sounds.

4. Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Pickup

The name “rare” in its name, is used because of the use of powerful neodymium magnets, which is a rare earth element. These cutting edge magnets are responsible for its string to string balance and amazing sound quality: warmer, more naturally acoustic tones.

This is an active, double coiled magnetic soundhole pickup, with a 300 hour rated battery life, and is re-voiced, fine tuned, and ameliorated for a smoother treble response.

The mounting design is newly designed and the ergonomic body shape ensures it fits in a small soundhole. The miniature batteries which are included mount easily on the underside of pickup. The output jack which is pre-wired, can also be endpin mounted. The installation is very easy, with no alteration plug, meaning you can play it right out of the box.

This set is perfect for musicians who want warm, full humbucker acoustic tones. It is excellent for both strumming and fingerpicking styles. The build and construction is sturdy, with discreet, top quality, low current, low noise circuitry which maintains a more pure and accurate signal.

The volume wheel located on board ensures you get to conveniently access volume control. The active electronics means you get cleaner, quieter sound with natural tones, and lesser degradation than a passive alternative.

Plus, Fishman is a reputed brand, especially for its acoustic pickup technology.


  • Passive or Active: Active {One 3V Lithium/ Two 1.5V silver oxide}
  • Type of Pickup: Humbucker
  • Instrument: Acoustic Guitar
  • Position: Soundhole


  • Active technology: cleaner sounds, low degradation.
  • Easy installation, can play it right out of the box.
  • Accessible, convenient volume control onboard.
  • Quieter, natural tones


  • The design isn’t as subtle as the competitors.

Fishman is reputed for its acoustic pickup technology. This active acoustic guitar pickup is refined with amazing accuracy. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can fit in smaller holes. The installation process is quite easier, and can be played right out of the box.

5. Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot

The name here only pretty much suggests what to expect of the product: an open sound, having sizzle at higher ends, all of which is perfect for the lead players who are looking to shine in their career.

The set gives a clean, bright tone with the lows and highs balanced. The overall output is a bit fatter sounding, but not very dark. There’s a very nice amount of balance between the fat and bright. The overall sound is very smooth, balanced, and beautiful.

You get “modified vintage fender” specifications, with a modern output. It features Alnico 5 magnets, made in the US, for optimal output and tonal balance. On positions 2 & 4, it has RW/RP Middle, for Hum-cancelling.

For unmatched quality control, it has hand-built fiberboard Bobbins. It is wound with 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire, and has cloth leads and beveled magnets. Two magnet staggers, for different fingerboard radius, are available. It is hand-wound using “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tones.

The Vintage Hot results in the highlighting of upper frequencies as more chimney harmonics are allowed. It produces a very sweet growl which is great to listen to, when it is paired with a classic tube amplifier. The neck and middle pickups have average ’50s specs, while the bridge pickup is as hot as possible.

This single coil set is Strat’s best selling set! It is perfect for musicians who are looking for a sound that is open, bright, sparkling. It comes with a 10 year warranty on manufacturing defects. And, to avoid any pickup polarity issues, it should be bought as a full set.


  • Position: Bridge, Middle, Neck
  • Model: Vintage hot ST standard
  • Wire: 42-Gauge Heavy Formvar
  • Material of Magnet: Alnico


  • Balanced, bright, open sound.
  • Great upgrade for Strat players.
  • Great for lead players.
  • Finely balanced between bright and fat tones.


  • Should be best brought as a set.

If you are a lead player looking for pickups with open, sizzling, and bright sound, these pickups would be perfect for you. The overall sound is smooth, balanced and beautiful. It very finely balances bright and fat tones. And there’s a reason why it is Strat’s best selling set!

6. Bare Knuckle Juggernaut

Perfect for today’s multi-genre artists, these hand-wound Juggernaut humbuckers by Bare Knuckle, infuse power, without any compromise in refinement, making them perfect for delivering complex mid-ranges and uncompressed pick attacks.

The traditional high-gain pickups, with overwintering coils around heavy ceramic magnets, significantly decrease pick clarity, dynamics, and clarity, which means sacrificing quality sound for the sake of volume and intensity. These pickups use traditional, symmetrically wounded coils, so as to remove all hum, which makes it an excellent high-gain pickup.

There is a lot of “vintage mojo” used in all Bare Knuckle Pickups. Here, you see celluloid butyrate bobbins, tapped pole screw holes and maple spacers, and in-house nickel silver humbucker bases.

The bridge pickup’s characters are due to the combination of Ceramic VIII and Alnico V magnets, while the neck positioned Juggernaut achieves suitable warmth qualities and dynamics because of the custom-sized Alnico V, without any use of ceramics.

These pickups are warm and engaging, so on picking softly, creates sweet tones, and on digging in, creates aggressive, chirping attack. The Juggernauts have a multilayered character, unlike the singularly focused pickups which only drive certain frequencies, and a “black”, noiseless background which allows the harmonics of the guitar and the amplifier to stand out.

They are the best when it comes  to tonal complexity, and presents the sound with amazing clarity, and a full range of tonal shades. The pickup also has a distinctive ‘bulb’ design cover etch which is optional, and it adds another dimension to this pickup.

So if you are a guitarist of rock or metal genre, or your guitar needs more bass control, these might just be the pickups you are looking for. These pickups deliver on every step, be it crushing tones, or massively clean sound scenarios or versatile solo tones.


  • Number of conductors: Four
  • Position: Bridge, Neck
  • Screws in pole: Nickel
  • Output: Contemporary
  • Material of Magnet: Alnico & Ceramic
  • Number of Strings: Seven


  • Rich mid-range voice.
  • Clear gain, without any noise or him.
  • Power with refinement.
  • Great design.
  • Available for six, seven, eight -stringed guitars.


  • Might not be for vintage tone lovers.

Unlike the usual high-gain pickups, the Bare Knuckle Juggernaut provides high gain, with no compromise on refinement. They turn raw power into complex art, with a thick mid-range, crushing lows, and a distinct treble snap. And moreover, they are available for six, seven, as well as eight-stringed guitars.

7. Seymour Duncan Black Winter Humbucker Set

The Black Winters were specifically designed to be used by players of extreme metal, and was available exclusively in Scandinavia, and was released later worldwide, on popular demand. They provide the players the ability to go from highly aggressive tones to very articulate, distinct works.

As it was developed for extreme metal genres, it is, as quite expected, very hot. Very, very hot. Ridiculously hot. They are especially heavy on mids, and have harsh ends. It cuts like a knife through butter, but never gets too thin or shrill. They work extremely well on low tunes, and have a very tight bottom end because of the Ceramic magnets.

You won’t require a stomper box, as it provides sufficient grind by itself. If you are looking to remove all the harmonics and musical overtones out of a note, these are just the perfect pickups.

These passive pickups have very high output, as you would expect, and a very attractive black finish design. In the distorted tones, you can feel a grind layer underneath. For some frequencies, it is felt that a fuzz is running in the background, which adds to the already heaviness of these pickups.

Now, even though they are designed for heavy metal, they sound surprisingly good for clean, or crunchy tones. So, if you think these are “just” for one genre, you’ll be surprised by its versatility. Yes, it is mainly designed for heavy metal, but it works quite great for other genres too, like metal, or rock, or punk.

The Black Winters set totally live up to the reputation and name of Seymour Duncan. If you are a player of extreme metal, or even subtler genres like punk, or rock, or are a lead player, these might just be the pickups you’ve been looking for.


  • Passive or Active: Passive
  • Type of Pickup: Humbucker
  • Position: Bridge, Neck
  • Material of Magnet: Ceramic
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Number of Conductors: Four
  • Covering: Uncovered


  • Perfect for extreme metal genres.
  • Has a versatile nature because of the ceramic magnets, hence can be used in other softer genres.
  • Passive pickups.
  • All-black finish.
  • Very high output.


  • Lesser clarity for cleaner tones.

Designed mainly for extreme metal players, this set has since moved on to other softer genres too, like rock, or punk. It has ceramic magnets which renders it versatility, and it can be played decently on cleaner tones. These passive pickups have an attractive all-black finish, and have a very high output.

8. EMG ZW Set Zakk Wylde Signature

This active set is made in accordance to the preference of one of the greatest guitar players ever, Zakk Wylde. He prefers the rare combination of EMG and single cut, for an aggressive tone and sustain, and this set consists of EMG 81 for the bridge position, and EMG 85 for the neck position.

The set is designed according to Wylde’s famous Les Paul and similar guitars, and has complete volume and tone controls.

The EMG 81 ceramic humbucker, for the bridge position is perfect for precise, thrilling lead play, and aggressive guitar art. The EMG 81 causes very sharp attack and very long sustain, which is very important when you are combining it with high output pickup. The PAF model of EMG, EMG 85 Alnico magnets, causes a bluesy, softer sound at the neck position.

These pickups bring your guitar to life. Picking up every subtle nuance of the guitar, the sound is very crisp and articulate. They have quite some character, and with a bit of adjustment, through a high powered amplifier, they sound perfect, for almost every style. The lows are tight, while the mids are warm, while the overdrive sounds are very smooth and fluid.

While they are just amazing with overdrive, but for those assuming that it is only for metal or hard rock are wrong, as with decent equalization at lower volumes, the cleaner sounds are quite great, which means they can be used with your thick blues guitar.


  • Passive or Active: Active
  • Type of Pickup: Humbucker
  • Position: Bridge, Neck
  • Material of Magnet: Alnico & Ceramic
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Covering: Covered


  • Active pickups, with very high output.
  • Endorsed by one of the most famous guitarists ever, Zakk Wylde.
  • There is no soldering.
  • The tones are very clean.


  • Might not be the perfect set for cleaner sounds.

Preferred by the famous Zakk Wylde, this single coil set has many desirable features like the EMG 85 Alnico magnets and the EMG 81 ceramic humbucker, which provide aggressive tones along with long sustain, and can handle just about every style.

9. DiMarzio DP419 Area ’67

One of the biggest drawbacks of single coiled pickups is that while creating a clean and bright tone, because of the electronics, the pickups attract a bit of buzz, which can be heard as a hum in the background. Players have since long, wanted single coil pickups without this limiting factor. These pickups by DiMarzio achieve that task, by patented technology. Launched to raving critical as well as audience reviews, these pickups have been very popular since.

This pickup makes use of Alnico II magnet to deliver smooth sound which is bright, natural and with treble, and no sustained loss. The hum cancellation ensures that you get a bright sound without it being harsh. You get an added benefit of better adjustment range because of the pickup’s reduced string pull, which means you can keep it closer to the strings without any fear of messing up with the intonation or the sustain of the guitar.

These Area™ models, because of patented technology, can use weaker Alnico 2 magnets, without any output reduction. The sustain and intonation are improved, because of 40% less string pull. In the bridge position, you get the iconic chime of the ’60s pickups, and the pickups are very bright in that position, without being brittle.


  • Passive or Active: Passive
  • Type of Pickup: Humbucking Single Coil
  • Position: Middle, Neck
  • Material of Magnet: Alnico 2
  • Number of Strings: Six
  • Number of Conductors: Four
  • Covering: Uncovered


  • The hum, usually heard in single coil pickups is eliminated.
  • Sounds like the ’60s pickups.
  • It has low string pull.


  • It might be too bright for some.

Combining the sound of the ’60s pickups, with the noiseless-ness because of DiMarzio’s patented technology, these pickups give great results. The low string pull ensures that you get a better adjustment range.

Buying Guide: Bass Pickups

While you are off to purchase pickups, you are bound to come across different terms and specifications on the basis of which the products are described. So, here’s looking at a guide to some of those specifications:

1. Single Coil vs Double Coil Pickups

In every magnetic pickup, there is a coil of wire which is wrapped around a coil-former (or a bobbin) thousands of times. You’ll find only one of these structures in single coil pickups, while two such structures in double coil pickups.

Single coils show the tendency of being bright and crisp, while double coils (or humbuckers)  are mostly darker, louder, heavier. Though it doesn’t mean that they strictly decide which kind of sound will be generated as output.

Depending upon the amplifiers, guitars, pedals and playing techniques, you can get thick and heavy sounds from a single coil, while bright, and crisp sounds from a double-coil.

2. Passive Pickups vs Active Pickups

The most common type are the passive pickups i.e. pickups where the electricity is completely generated through energy of strings which are coiled around magnets. There is no additional electrical energy required.

Whereas the active amplifiers have a pre-amplifier which is battery powered, which shapes the tone and boosts the pickup’s output. These pickups have the highest output.

While the active pickups minimise noise while maximizing the output, passive pickups give a softer sound.

Mixing these two pickups requires a lot of clever wiring, and is done very rarely, but done nonetheless, for some models.

3. Vintage pickups

The vintage pickups literally mean old pickups, or new pickups with old technology. All of them are passive, and have a moderate output. Also, vintage-style magnets tend to get weaker as time passes, so you get a more softer, and smoother sound.

4. Pole pieces

These are elements which shape their surrounding magnetic fields. They are positioned beneath the strings. They are either ferrous steel or magnetic Alnico stock.

The steel pole pieces have a more fat and loose sound, whereas the Alnico magnet pole pieces deliver more tight and bright tones.

Most single coil pickups have single Alnico magnets, while on the other hand, most of the humbuckers have steel pole pieces, in the form of straight rods and screws.

5. Other factors

There are some other factors too, which you should keep in mind while looking for new pickups. Some of these factors are:

  • Potentiometer (pot)
  • Strings
  • Guitar structure
  • Guitar material

Top Brands: Bass Guitar Pickups

Now, there are many brands which sell accessories like pickups, be it guitar pickups or bass pickups. Only a few of them have made a name for themselves, over the years. Here’s looking at seven popular companies which produce pickups:

1. Seymour Duncan

This American company is currently the world leader when it comes to guitar pickups. Headquartered in California, this company is widely known for its wide assortment of products from guitar pickups, bass pickups to effects pedals, all of which is designed and assembled in the US itself. Their wide catalogue ensures that you will find it almost impossible to not find something that is according to your liking.

Founded in 1976, this company has launched some great models so far, for example, the SPHR-1, which can awaken the curiosity of any guitarist, as it can sound like a single-coil, or a P90, or even a Humbucker.

2. EMG

This American company, based in Santa Rosa, California, manufactures guitar pickups and EQ accessories. They entered the market with their Active Humbuckers, which were high-gain sets, like the 81, and are known for their outstanding precision and amazing output level.

Founded in 1976, EMG, Inc. is mainly popular for its active humbucker pickups, like EMG 60, EMG 81, EMG 85, and EMG 89, alongwith their single coils, which are spotless.

3. Fender

Founded in 1946, Fender aka Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), is a multinational company offering high quality pickups. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, it is the biggest seller of guitar pickups, if we were to consider the original pickups and the spare parts.

Now, while Fender is mainly known for its “solid-body” bass guitars and electric guitars, especially the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazz Bass and the Precision Bass, it also produces a wide range of devices from bass amplifiers, acoustic guitars to public address equipment.

4. Bare Knuckle

A privately held company, Bare Knuckle Pickups or Bare Knuckle, continues one of the bestselling brands, especially after their pickups were used for higher-end models of some manufacturers, like Ibanez. Based in England’s South West, UK, this company is a specialist in electric guitar pickups which are hand-wound. Now, these pickups are entirely hand-made and hand-wound, using high quality parts which are also made in-house. All the pickups come with a lifetime warranty.

Founded in 2003, the company specialises in “knuckling” pickups, for eg., The Sinner, the single coil which is equivalent to a humbucker when it comes to loudness.

5. DiMarzio

Founded in 1972, DiMarzio, Inc., an American manufacturer, is most popular for its direct replacement guitar pickups. Headquartered in New York, this company also produces guitar accessories, like straps, cables and hardware.

A privately held company, DiMarzio became popular, thanks to its Super Distortion model, the first guitar market which is after-market replacement, and which was soon adopted by the lovers of big, fat sounds.

6. Gibson

Formerly known as Gibson Guitar Corporation, Gibson Brands, Inc., is considered the “inventor” of pickups, and rightly so. 99.9% of pickup brands have the Gibson models as inspiration.

Founded in 1902, this American company manufactures guitars and other musical instruments, as well as professional audio equipment. Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, the company strives to get better, to manufacture newer models like the P90 Sidewinder, rather than simply relying on their vintage PAF pickups.

7. Fishman

Established in 1981, Fishman is an American company, which got popular producing high quality acoustic amplifiers.

Based in Andover, Massachusetts, they are specialists in production of amplification equipment for acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. They mainly manufacture guitar pickups and guitar related equipment.

FAQs: Bass Pickups

How do bass pickups work?

Bass pickups are the most important part of any analogue instrument to get the best quality sound.
Bass pickups capture the vibrations of the strings using magnetic field
The magnetic field varies with respect to the vibrations on the string
The magnetic field vibrations are captured as electric current which get amplified using an amplifier which is then heard via a loudspeaker.

Why are bass pickups important?

The perfect pick up is one that helps your music instrument sound just the way you want. Bass pickups help in improving the way your music instrument sounds and gives your notes the boost it requires. If you ever feel like your guitar sounds great at home but the sound output is very less on stage, pickups can solve the problem for you.
Apart from great music and great instruments, great pick up is also an essential part of the music.

What are active pickups?

An active pickup has a pre-amplifier that is powered using a battery connected with it to enhance the out of the pick up and fix the tone. Active pickups produce the highest output by reducing the noise and maximising the sound signal. One of the main advantages of using active pickups is that they do not lose signal in case it has to travel via long cables. This is one of the distinguishing factors about an active pickup.

What are passive pickups?

Passive pickups are some of the commonly used ones as they do not have any battery source. They have coils of wire that are wrapped around magnets. The energy from the strings is converted into a varying magnetic field from which an electric output is obtained.
Passive pickups are known for their best output and retaining the originality of the sound. Most of the pickups sold in the market are passive pickups.

Which one is a better choice: higher pickup or moderate pickup?

At times higher outputs may seem like the better option than getting moderate output from your pickups. However, the truth is it depends on the music you make and what kind of output suits you. There is no rule of choosing moderate over high or high over moderate. However choosing the best pickup that suits your music style plays an important role.
Therefore, what you need to do is try out different levels of pickups and then determine which works best.
A simple way to identify would be, if the tone of the guitar sounds very less, use a higher pick up, if it is too distorted and misses out on some tones, a moderate one would work.

How to avoid distortion in high output pickups?

A high output pickup sends out a strong signal to the amplifier which leads to distortion at the amplifier’s side easily. At times even moderate output pickups lead to major distortion in output. In order to avoid this, a mixing console can be connected directly to the guitar and output from the console can be fed into the amplifier for better quality output.

How to choose the perfect pickup?What is FAQ?

The best way to choose the right pick up is to find one that complements your guitar or bass tendencies. Certain types of guitar materials produce naturally loud sounds while some are low. Depending on how loud your instrument is, you could choose a pickup that boosts the output or counterbalances it.
In order to find out which one is suitable for your guitar, listen to the guitar without plugging any pickups.  Find out which aspect of the sound from the instrument needs improvement and buy accordingly.
Top four factors to consider while choosing your pickup are:
1. Guitar’s Pickup (original one)
2. Guitar Material
3. Musical Style
4. Output level


Hopefully, you have decided which pickups would suit you and your guitar the most. Just keep in mind the few factors like whether it is an active or passive one, or a single-coil or humbucker, and you’ll be able to make the perfect decision.

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