9 Best DJ Turntables of 2024 for Rocking Beats

There are many DJs who are rocking new grooves on their DJ turntables to make their music as edgy as possible in 2024. As a DJ turntable is an extremely versatile instrument where nothing could go wrong.

DJ turntables are easier to play and even if you don’t have much idea about musical instruments, playing them is a piece of cake.

To help you learn more about them, we have compiled a list of best DJ turntables of 2024 below and we guarantee that they are the best in their category.

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1. Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB

This DJ turntable is about 17.7 inches long, 6.6 inches wide and 13.9 inches high. Its total weight is around 27.6 lbs and its construction is extremely durable. It looks stylish with a silver and metallic black finish.

Audio Technica AT-LP1240 is an electronic system that has a high torque, an audacity software and a multi motor. The lever is hydraulically dampened and the tone arm locks in place easily.


  • The sound quality is exceptional and is ideal for both nightclubs and home entertainment.
  • It has a USB port that can be connected to your computer for a digital conversion from a seamless LP.
  • The turntable can also be connected to other devices like speakers, receivers and other equipment related to audio and video.
  • This sturdy DJ turntable has a locking mechanism that keeps the arm in place and can be transported easily.


  • It is only suited for professionals because it is a little complicated for beginners.
  • The turntable will only operate on a current of 120 AC.
  • It is a little expensive in its category.

This DJ turntable has everything for a professional DJ and musician but is not recommended for beginners. The sound quality, durability and many features will wow any professional who knows his trade.

2. Audio Technica AT-LP60

Audio Technica AT-LP60 is not only meant for the professionals. Beginners too can easily play this DJ turntable in their home for an enjoyable musical experience.

This DJ turntable weighs around 5.3 lbs, has a belt drive and is very durable. The dimensions of this turntable are 14.1 inches in length, 3.8 inches in breadth and 14.2 inches in height.


  • A wide range of beats can be produced with a built-in phono preamp that is switchable and can also be connected to your speakers, home stereo and computer.
  • There are two adapter cables (both dual RCA female to mini plug female and male respectively), a removable dust cover and a 45 RPM adapter.
  • This DJ turntable is affordable and on par with the features it offers.


  • You might experience some malfunctions but they can be resolved easily by reaching out to the customer support.

Overall, this DJ turntable from Audio Technica is an affordable choice for both beginners and professional musicians who love dishing out new beats.

3. Pioneer Pro DJ PLX-1000

This DJ turntable is only for professionals because it has a quartz lock pitch control. This masterpiece weighs about 31.5 lbs, is 22.3 inches long, 18.6 inches wide and 10.8 inches tall. The braking system is electronic with a direct drive and torque more than 4.5.


  • The sound quality is probably the best because of a die-cast chassis, a thick bottom made of resin and the base finishing made of a vibration damping material that is about 9mm thick.
  • This DJ turntable has a stable rotation despite the high torque that enables it to take 33 rpm.
  • The materials make it durable and also improve the sound quality at the same time.


  • No manufacturer warranty specified and therefore you need to inquire about it before buying this product.
  • Only meant for professionals and therefore it costs more than other turntables.

Overall, Pioneer Pro DJ PLX-1000 will be a great piece for professionals. The features it offers are fully justified in its cost. The sound quality and high durability are other features that you need to watch out for!

4. Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB

This might be the best DJ turntable for people looking for a mid range turntable with minimum hassle for their vinyl records.

It has an electronic braking system that has a direct drive and a torque more than 1.6. It weighs around 23.5 lbs, stands 17.8 inches tall with a length and breadth of 13.9 and 6 inches respectively.


  • This turntable can help you convert your records into digital as it comes with a USB connection that is compatible with both PC and Mac.
  • The sound quality is good due to the direct drive and high torque.
  • There are additional accessories like a removable dust cover, cables etc.
  • It is also equipped with Audacity software.


  • It does not have internal speakers.
  • Manufacturer warranty is not specified.

Overall, Audio-Technica AT-LP120 is a good investment for all professional and beginners because it is easy to maintain and does not cost too much.

5. Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable

This is again a belt drive DJ turntable that is great for playing vinyl records at home. It has a weighted tone arm with stylus and cartridge included and also has a pitch control that is adjustable.

It weighs about 8.37 lbs with a length of 5.9 inches, a breadth of 15.3 inches and a height of 18 inches.


  • You can listen to your records at a speed of 45 rpm and can easily operate the equipment due to a start/stop switch.
  • The product has a warranty of one year.
  • It comes with strobe light illumination and outside edge markings for exact speed adjustments.
  • Ideal for beginners because it is simple and very user friendly.
  • The product is really cheap – cost wise.


  • Not meant for professionals as it is very lightweight and also lacks some features present in the high end DJ turntables.

Overall, Pyle PLTTB1 is meant for beginners who want to use a turntable for minimum usage. The product is mainly made of plastic and therefore does not carry any heavy weight.

6. Numark TTUSB

This DJ turntable is perfect for both beginners and professionals because it offers a lot of features for the price you pay for it. This masterpiece weighs around 10.9 lbs, is 12 inches long, 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall with a direct drive.


  • A stereo mini-jack connector is included in the Numark TTUSB that allows you to export your music into different formats like archive records and cassette tapes.
  • This DJ turntable has a feature plug and play. It is also USB compatible that allows you the freedom to convert your vinyl collection into digital versions in your Mac or PC.
  • There is an Audio Recording program that can also be included in this DJ turntable at your expense.


  • There is a possibility that you get this turntable without a drive belt if you pick the wrong buyer.
  • The turntable moves rapidly and therefore there is a possibility it can come off.

Overall, this DJ turntable will be a great piece in its price range for both beginners and professionals. It is made mostly of plastic and even if he setup might take some time, it is worth it. The high durability and sound quality are other things that you need to look out for!

7. Pyle PLTTB3U

The Pyle PLTTB3U DJ turntable might be the best deal for people looking for turntables under 100$. It has an electronic braking system that has a direct drive and a torque of more than 4.5. It weighs around 27.6 lbs, stands 13.9 inches tall with a length and breadth of 17.7 and 6.6 inches respectively.


  • This turntable is a great value for money as it comes with a series of features, more than enough for this price range.
  • A removable stroboscope light can be attached by purchasing the same separately.
  • There are additional accessories like a dust cover, headshell, 45 adapter, quality TT, USB and it is also equipped with Audacity digital recording software.
  • It comes up with a one year manufacturer warranty.


  • Not the best choice for professional musicians.
  • Might not be durable for prolonged use.

Overall, this turntable is a good investment for all entry level DJs who are just getting into the scene. It does not cost much but allows you to experiment with different kinds of sound tones easily. However, this turntable might not be the best choice for professionals who need to play prolonged sessions and go on multiple music tours.

8. Stanton T92USB

This is a direct drive DJ turntable that is perfect to transform your vinyl records into digital versions in your computer. It has a S shaped tone arm for minimum distortion and has a pitch control fader with DSP key lock for tempo change.

The Stanton T92USB weighs around 22.4 lbs with a length of 20.5 inches, a breadth of 7.3 inches and a height of 17.4 inches.


  • You can listen to your records in three playback speeds (33, 45, 78 rpm) and it also comes with a quartz lock.
  • This turntable comes with a slip mat, RCA cables, dust cover, USB cable and a Stanton 500 V3 cartridge that is pre-mounted on the headshell.
  • It also has a Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator LE software which can be used to transfer and edit music files.
  • Ideal for professional DJs because it is simple and very user friendly.
  • The product is really cheap – cost wise.


  • Only meant for professionals.
  • The cost is on the high end.

Overall, this DJ turntable is only for professional DJs because of its cost and the fact that it comes with a quartz lock. Two start/stop switches are available for battle or mix setup. The sturdy construction makes this product durable and perfect for prolonged use.

9. Stanton T52B

This is again a belt drive DJ turntable that is easy to operate and is a great fit for a true professional. It is designed with a pitch control slider that ranges from -10 to +10 percent. The straight tone arm makes scratching easier to track and therefore you can play your records easily and replace the disk when needed. It weighs around 14.6 lbs with a length of 20.5 inches, a breadth 7.3 inches and a height of 17.4 inches.


  • You can listen to your records in two different speeds of 33 and 45 rpm. Also, you can easily operate the equipment with two start/stop switch for battle and mix setup.
  • This product comes with RCA stereo outputs. You will get a slip mat, RCA cables, dust cover and a Stanton 300 cartridge that is mounted beforehand on the headshell.
  • The metal parts make this DJ turntable highly durable and long lasting.


  • The price is a little steep thus, this turntable is designed more for the professionals.

Overall, this DJ turntable is recommended only for professionals who want to use a turntable for a long time without any significant issue. Console customization is easy with a style flip image uploader. Stanton T52B is perfect for new DJs too because it has all the features required in a professional turntable and is easier to operate too!

Overall, the above DJ turntables are perfect for all music lovers in 2019. We recommend Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB and Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable for people who are trying out DJ turntables for the first time.

If you are more experienced, then you can go for a variety of DJ turntables. However, we personally recommend Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB and Pioneer Pro DJ PLX-1000 for people who are professional DJs or pursue it as a hobby on a regular basis. Also, check out our review of best DJ facadecontrollerDJ table and headphones in case you are planning to buy one.

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