20 Best Techno DJs Right Now (2024)

Techno music, a sub-genre of EDM, is gaining popularity at an exponential rate and there’s no stopping it.

If you are someone who is yet to be aware of it, chances are high that you are living under a rock and you really need to push a bit and come out of it.

The best part about techno is that you can feel it, like, literally FEEL IT.

It has nothing you can cling onto, unlike popular music (which has lyrics), so you have to just dance! It is music for your body!

And if all that’s not enough, there are many many more unexpected benefits of techno! You are more synchronized with strangers, you exhibit more positive energy and have reduced levels of stress!

Not only that, techno sparks motivation and even makes you smarter!!

So, all ready to hit the Play button? Here are 20 popular techno DJs of 2024 you should check out.

1. Carl Cox

source: instagram

This British techno DJ is regarded as the “most popular techno artist” and he’s also the most followed DJ on Mixcloud.

He founded the label “Intec Records”, now called “Intec Digital”. He also has his own radio show: Global, which is a huge success and still breaking records.

He finds the element of surprise in electronic music scary yet wonderful, something which he loves.

2. Nina Kraviz

source: instagram

A former dentist, this Russian DJ, singer and producer is a strong advocate of the harder components of techno.

She released her debut album, a self titled album, to very positive reviews. She also founded her own record label, трип (Trip in English). She has also worked briefly in a trio, “MySpaceRocket”.

3. Amelie Lens

source: instagram

Her debut single “Exhale” was a hit from the time it released, and she has rose to fame in a very short time, thanks to her humble nature and a passionate mutual connection with her fans.

Starting to DJ under the pseudonym Renée, this Belgian EDM producer and DJ, is the co-owner of Lenske record label.

4. Adam Beyer

source: instagram

Few DJs have tasted as much popularity as Adam Beyer has. This Swedish electro DJ and producer, is one of the biggest names in techno right now. He is the founder of the massively successful Drumcode Records, which has been churning out hits since the time of its inception, and has launched several popular artists.

He believes in foremost respecting the sound and then taking things forward slowly. As a teen, he was obsessed with drums, later moving towards techno.

A very adaptive artist, he evolves and changes his music according to the mood and taste of his audience. His presence in this industry has been long and widely respected.

5. Blawan

source: instagram

Running his own label by the name TERNESC, Jamie Roberts, known widely by his alias Blawan. He likes experimenting and takes several measures to accomplish that, by taking different aliases, like Kilher or Bored Young Adults apart from the popular Blawan, and working together with different bands.

He rose to fame, thanks to his debut release “Fram”. While he has given several hits so far, he is best known for the remix of Radiohead track “Bloom” and his own track “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage”.

6. Helena Hauff

source: instagram

Discovered music as a child via TV, and obsessed with music since then, this German DJ and record producer records her music only using analog instruments and has a stripped-down style of techno.

A student of many subjects from physics to systematic music sciences to fine arts, she is the first female DJ to be named in “Essential Mix of the Year” by BBC Radio 1. She runs a label of her own “Return to Disorder”.

Her full album debut, “Discreet Desires”, was featured in the list “20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2016” by Rolling Stone.

7. Jeff Mills

source: instagram

One of the biggest American names in techno right now, Jeff Mills is not only a DJ, but also a composer and record producer. He is widely known as the “The Wizard” because of his amazing technical abilities during his gigs.

He is one of the founders of the techno group “Underground Resistance”. A lover of sci-fi, many of his tracks have been inspired from the classic sci-fi movies. He is known for his passionate and continuous striving for a very hard and intense sound, very similar to industrial DJ sets.

His brand of music is very eclectic, with him combining and mixing different genres. His albums are very lengthy, filled with concepts, and he infuses ambient as well as classical elements into his tracks.

8. Objekt

source: instagram

This Berlin-based producer and DJ, who debuted with his album “Flatland”, has a music style, which encompasses several different genres from electro to acid to bass, which flutters and moves in directions that are abstract, away from the traditional, stagnant, purist techno music. His music style is disciplined, passionately and intricately arranged, and full of luster, containing joy.

He had a family with a musical background, and started off with piano lessons at the age of 5, then moving on to drums. By the time he reached university, he was doing concerts at a rate he couldn’t handle. So he took a break, and while in a local club, was piqued towards DJing, and thus began his interest and subsequent career in DJing and production.

9. Rebekah

source: instagram

Gaining widespread popularity because of her Matador release, “Blond Slackers”, Rebekah has her music deep-rooted while also bringing a new experience for the techno lovers of the new generation.

Founder of techno label, “Elements”, she’s trying to revive the strong techno of industrial nature. She was voted Best of British’s “Best Producer” in 2018.

She struggled for a duration of six years in the midst of her career, switching genres but not satisfying herself or the listeners. She started her career with booming type of music, characteristic of kick drums, but slowly transitioned into a tighter, darker, more ominous sort of music with patterns consisting of complex kicks.

10. Daniel Avery

source: instagram

An English producer and DJ, Daniel Avery began by producing music under the pseudonym, “Stopmakingme” till up to 2012. He is someone who is intrigued and awed by the wide, expansive, never-ending opportunities and possibilities of music and sound design, and has expanded his taste of music, since his inception into the techno world.

His full-length sonic landscape, “Song for Alpha” received wide critical acclaim and has been remixed by several artists in the short time since its release.

11. Robert Hood

source: instagram

He completely changed the new Detroit techno scenario with his minimal tracks, a reason why he’s regarded by many as the “founder of minimal techno”. He is one of the founding members of the group “Underground Resistance”, and has found the very successful labels, “Hardware” and “M-Plant”.

An American EDM producer and DJ, he emphasizes on soul and innovation and has always believed in social activism which he strives to carry out through his music, by sparking a creative renaissance.

12. Avalon Emerson

source: instagram

Her brand of music is adventurous techno, mixed with house music, Avalon Emerson is a self-made and self-taught writer, producer as well as a music engineer. Since her childhood, she was very keen on music and started off her career by playing in her friends’ bands itself.

Her music is inspired by the huge deserts of Arizona and it is quite evident too. She debuted with an EP for a local label, Icee Hot: “Pressure”/”Quoi”, which turned out to be a massive success and was followed by many such further releases.

She has produced two EPs, highly acclaimed by critics: “Whities 006” and “Narcissus in Retrograde”.

13. Alan Fitzpatrick

source: instagram

The founder of the label, “We are the Brave”, Alan Fitzpatrick grew up on music which was partly funk, and partly soul. He debuted with the single “Nine Hours Later”, which was well-received in the techno world.

Born in England, he is currently one of the most respected and in-demand DJs. His strong, vibrant and very funky music, with continuous, reverberating beats, and all this with an undertone of melody, is what makes him so distinct. “Shadows” was his debut album.

14. Dense & Pika

source: instagram

Alex Jones and Chris Spero aka Dense & Pika, have some of the most remarkable and unique acts in modern techno. They found their own label “Kneaded Pains”, which is basically their names re-arranged.

Their music is groovy, very similar to a typical tech house track, as well as hard-hitting, with the raw strength of a typical tough techno track.

15. Len Faki

source: instagram

Managing quite popular techno labels, Monoid and Feis, since early days, he went on to find his own successful label, “Figure”, as well as “Podium”.

His music is full of uniqueness, and his vibrant energy. His perception of techno music is very broad and open-minded. And his concerts are an audio-visual adventure within themselves.

He was voted first in 3 different categories in Groove magazine’s Reader Poll, an achievement which was done for the very first time.

16. Paula Temple

source: instagram

She is someone who loves noise, and her brand of techno is testimony to that. No wonder she’s one of the leading faces in today’s techno scenario. Paula Temple is also the co-developer of the very innovative MIDI controller, MXF8.

She released her debut album in 2019, “Edge of Everything”, which became one of the best releases of 2019, and was received very positively by the critics.

17. Charlotte De Witte

source: instagram

She has risen to fame in a short time, thanks to her strong and hard techno, with a string of releases that turned out to be hit.

Charlotte De Witte used the alias “Raving George” to prevent the biases and prejudices against a female DJ for a long time, before dropping it and starting to use her real name in 2015. Since then, her music has morphed into a darker and grittier form.

18. Enrico Sangiuliano

source: instagram

Enrico Sangiuliano has been producing hits after hits for a long time, releasing his tracks on some of the biggest labels like Drumcode, Gem Records, Alleanza, etc. His EP “Moon Rocks” has been the biggest hit of his career, and the track for which he is known the most.

His admiration and love for percussion were apparent since childhood, where he performed on anything from pots, pans to school benches and drums. He started his career as a sound engineer, and rose to fame because of his remix of DJ Borris’s “Can you hear me.

19. Barker

source: instagram

Before debuting with “Debiasing” on Ostgut Ton and shattering several preconceived notions, Barker was most popular for his partnership with Andy Baumecker, in the duo Barker & Baumecker.

Even though he has been producing albums for quite some time, things hadn’t worked out for him for a long time. He left his daytime job of a booking agent finally, in 2016, to work full time on his music career.

This British-born and Berlin-based DJ creates a type of music often compared to ‘trance’, by taking out the conventional, highly used kick-drums entirely out of the equation in his music.

20. Deborah De Luca

source: instagram

Regarded as “The Queen of Naples”, Deborah De Luca has worked her way to the top with her hard work and determination, working as a waiter and a dancer in clubs for years.

Her techno style is hard, with sounds very minimal, and all this without making her music sound common or repetitive. She has played all round the globe from France to Spain to Russia to America and many other countries.

Her music reflects her personality which is very strong and nature that is hungry and passionate for music. Her music is new, full of innovations, catering to a variety of listeners.


So what are you waiting for? Turn the speakers on, choose your type of techno and smack the Play button.

Do I hear the music? Good.

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