6 Tips to Sing Your Best Karaoke Ever!

Tips to Sing Best Karaoke

So, it’s your 7th date in a month and you’ve done everything you can think of – a long chat over hot coffee, an evening stroll in the park, visit museums and galleries. You have even gone beyond the usual Netflix and Chill!

All these dates later, you and your partner now wish to add some flair to this budding relationship, but you also want to take the road less traveled. You want to do something thrilling and out of the box, something that has room to include friends, and yet is fun and within budget.

A planned trip? Too time-consuming.

A movie marathon? That’s cliche!

Well, how about a Karaoke Night?

Now that’s something not a lot of people do.

Why would they? There’s a reason why ‘bathroom singing‘ is the most common hobbies people hate to admit!

So as a fellow bathroom singer who also suffers from severe crowd jitters, for you Karaoke Night isn’t just a potential for embarrassment. It could mean an epic social disaster!

Yet if you get your steps right, Karaoke will be the time when you rise like a phoenix, turn into Beyonce or Shawn Mendez and make the crowd dance to your tunes!

Like Rob Sheffield said,

In karaoke, talent means nada; enthusiasm is everything.

So get your energy up, your creative juices flowing and your reading glasses out – you’re gonna need these tips if you want to become the next Karaoke Superstar!

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1. Pick Your ‘Safe‘ Song

There are some songs which we think we sing better than the rest or gets our mojo up when we sing. If you don’t, search your playlist and look for the song that fulfills these conditions:

Fires Up Your Passion

Singing the song lifts your spirits and sends it soaring away into the sky.

Is Within Your Vocal Range

Your ‘vocal range’ tells how high or low your voice can go without breaking. Nobody wants to sound like a broken trumpet!

As you might know from your latest visit to the club, the crowd cheers most to the popular songs. We want the crowd to react well to our song too, so might as well sing a song that everyone has heard, right? For all we know, some people might even join you for a sing-along!

Anything to get the crowds’ attention off our vocals xD!

The best kinds of karaoke songs are the ones where the crowd can see your passion and your emotions. So arm yourself with the perfect song.

2. Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Now that you have selected your weapon, it’s time you learn to wield it.

Practice Every Chance You Get

From peeing in the loo to waiting in a queue, all these are opportunities for you to practice. Make the best use of your shower-time. If you aren’t a bathroom singer (highly unlikely), become one now!

Of course, singing out loud in a packed McDonalds isn’t the best thing to do. In such cases try singing in your mind. Our main aim is to set our brain to the melody and the lyrics of the song.

Work On Your Voice

This one is very obvious, so it becomes even more important that you work on it. Like they say, ‘Singing is a divine art’, so treat it like one.

Make sure you breathe right. A bigger lung capacity means a better singer. Ensure your voice stays warm. Last but not least, make sure you stay hydrated!

3. Grab a Mic and Set the Scene Right

Singers love to grab a mic and sail away to glory onstage. A good microphone helps to channel your energy besides making you look like Freddie Mercury!

The best thing of a karaoke microphone (or a karaoke machine) is it helps set your vibes right and your confidence up. Else you can always summon Youtube Videos and a makeshift mic (a bottle or a banana) to somewhat set the scene right.

4. Boost your Confidence

Confidence is the key to any successful performance; even if you don’t feel it, just the display of confidence is enough to show that you can stand up to the crowd. The crowd loves those who trust themselves, and a confident stance shows just that.

The Mirror Is Your Best Friend

Stand in front of a full-sized mirror and size yourself up. Keep your chin and head up while you straighten your posture. Keep your feet apart in a wide stance and look yourself in the eye for some time.

As you keep seeing yourself, your self-confidence will grow. When you see your reflection smile, that’s when you know you’re ready to take the crowd head-on!

Record Yourself

Our voice has the tendency to change when we record it. While we might sound good to our ears, it’s important to record yourself and know how you sound to others.

While a camcorder or a video camera works best, an audio recorder can also help you identify spots where you can improve.

5. Tame Your Inner Demons

Acting confident is one thing but being confident is something entirely else. Appearances can break, but the truth stays on no matter what.

Do Some Self-Talk

I know it might look like I’m trying to get you admitted to a psych ward, but please do trust me. A lot of public speakers and world leaders have been known to pump themselves up before speeches by speaking to themselves.

Remind yourself how much you’ve worked for this, and how much you have improved. Imagine how well the crowd is going to react to you, and it won’t take long to become real!

Try Singing in Front of Close Friends

The benefit of singing in front of a group of good friends isn’t just the support they promise, but also the feedback they might have.

Invite your friends over for a private karaoke party and observe how they react. That will do wonders for your confidence.

6. BE the Audience Before You LEAD The Audience

The best way to know your audience is by being a part. Pick a venue with a supportive atmosphere, and attend the Karaoke Nights regularly to become comfortable with the place. Cheer for the people who’re trying their best and applaud the ones who did a good job.

The more you do this, the more people will recognize you, and when it’s your time to take the stage you’ll know there will be faces in the crowd who’ll cheer you up!

Enjoy & Have Fun!

I can’t stress more on this simple statement. At the end of the day, you’re just a regular person who wants to have a good time with your friends, and the people around you recognize that.

Don’t try to be the next Led Zeppelin or Taylor Swift. Just be yourself, and the crowd will appreciate you for it!

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