10 Common Karaoke Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

How exciting does it sound to just go up on the stage and sing your heart out? Especially after you’ve had your share of drinks, and you’re enjoying the moment. Or you’ve got any good news, either from your personal relationships or professional. Or for some people it could be the complete opposite, they just want to get their frustration or sadness out with singing.

Karaoke singing is a traditional activity that’s primarily associated with Japanese Culture. It’s a fun way for people to connect with each other and enjoy each other’s company. Karaoke could be your passion, your stress-buster or simply your happy-pill.

But at the same time, it could feel nerve-wracking to imagine yourself, up on the stage- singing, in front of random groups of people (as happens in the West). How do you know you’re not going to make a complete fool of yourself and die with embarrassment if anything goes wrong?

Read on to find out 10 common Karaoke mistakes people make which you should definitely avoid.

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1. Choosing The Wrong Place And Audience

I don’t know about you but I need to have a good and positive vibe with the place to be able to sing or face an audience. If you’re just starting Karaoke, it’s best to start with your closest friends and not just go Hannah Montana in front of hundreds of people.

Since they’re not going to judge you even if you make any mistake. It’s also suggested that you choose a place that’s comfortable for you- like start at home.

2. Taking Karaoke Lightly

There are surely stereotypes amongst people that Karaoke singing is easy-peasy and anyone can do it. But it’s completely irrational to think that, you should not take it lightly or make fun of it. This might hurt other people’s feelings who’re serious about their singing and you also lose your chances of becoming people’s favourite singer.

3. No Warm-Up Routine

Many people feel they could kill it on the stage when given a chance. But for any activity, you need to prepare your body for it to be successful. There’s no way you’ll be able to sing for long if you don’t rest your vocal chords or practice any warm-up routine to let loose.

You should definitely try out singing with the best mics for Karaoke and record your session which would help you listen to yourself prior to complete embarrassment.

4. Not Practicing Enough

Don’t you feel we tend to become a little too enthusiastic when it comes to singing Karaoke? We feel the lyrics on board are all we need for our perfect singing experience. But you can’t only rely on that and should know your lyrics.

You should definitely vocalize and practice your songs beforehand. You can either sing by yourself while running errands or you can make your friends listen to you and take their feedback.

5. Not Investing In Karaoke Tools

If you want to become a good Karaoke singer then you should certainly invest in some of the best Karaoke machines. This will help a lot in your practice sessions and up your chances of being a fun singer. And your friends and family can enjoy your singing and help you improve further. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

6. Choosing The Wrong Song

People frequently choose songs that they like, and not the ones they are capable of singing. It doesn’t make sense to sing a song just because it’s trendy or liked by most people when you can’t sing it properly. I suggest you make a playlist of songs you could sing properly and then choose from the same when you’re up on the stage.

7. Criticizing Other Singers

Who wants to be made fun of? No one, right? It’s very common for people to turn mean to their fellow singers. When you give them looks or not cheer for them, they’re definitely not going to cheer for you, however good you sing. It’s highly recommended you encourage other singers by clapping or singing along to make it more exciting.

8. Drinking Too Much

I get it, you want to prepare yourself to face a crowd. It’s common for people to drink extra before their singing sessions, because you feel you’re going to enjoy more. But trust me on this, nobody wants to listen to a sloppy drunk person, however exciting it may sound to you. I suggest you avoid too many drinks before your turn because the night’s still young and you can always get drunk later.

9. Eating Habits

When you encounter any popular singer, just ask them what they eat to maintain that best voice. Most singers have a proper diet plan, their dos’ and don’ts’ of eating. It’s very important to eat the right food to maintain your throat and vocal chords. It’s advised to avoid spicy or oily food which might hinder your singing and instead drink plenty of water and soothing drinks.

10. Not Believing In Yourself Or Not Setting Goals

Last but definitely not the least! Most of us are heavy criticizers of ourselves. We feel there are a lot of things we can’t do. A very common mistake you can make if you’re trying out something new is to discourage yourself. I strongly advise you to always stay positive and just enjoy and have fun while singing. At the end of the day it’s all that matters the most. But you should also set rational goals for yourself to improve your singing and become your groups’ favourite karaoke singer.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you could undoubtedly develop into an entertaining and enjoyable karaoke singer. Lastly, Have Fun!

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