10 Fun Games To Play On Your Next Karaoke Party

Karaoke parties are fun. But, hosting a karaoke party is a big task. We will tell you how to convert this task into a fun-filled experience. The responsibility of creating some hours of interesting memory for your friends might have been panicking you. You know what? Games are always a savior in this case and in fact games are the best way through which you can enjoy with your friends in any situation.

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What is a Karaoke party?

Karaoke parties are themed parties that focus mainly on music. When we say music, it can be any kind of music that is familiar to the bunch of people with whom you are planning to party. Here, even the air you breathe speaks about music.

How to organize?

Karaoke parties are the least expensive themed parties, you can organize. The reason being, music alone can bring a thrill. You just need a room, an amplifier, a playlist, and your friends to create a party. Set up karaoke at home to make it budget-friendly. Here we will be giving you 10 game ideas for your budget-friendly and fun karaoke party.

1. Complete the tune

This is a game for all the right brain oriented people. Divide amongst yourselves into 2 or 3 (or more if required) groups and each team should opt for a team member (a right-brained) to complete the tune of the song put forth by their opposite team. This can be done in order and the same person cannot opt for more than 2 times. Grab all the right-brainers into your team.

2. Complete the lyrics

Lying on the opposite side of the above-mentioned game, this one is for all the left-brain oriented people. Divide yourselves into 2 or 3 (or more if required) groups and each team should opt for a team member (a left-brainer) to complete the lyrics of the song put forth by their opposite team. Rules remain the same as above. Do it in order and opt not to be the same person for more than 2 times. Choose the left-brainers for your team this time.

3. Statue

In this game, you can either create groups or all of you can play as a team with the host moderating the game. All you have to do is, play a song and let the team dance their hearts out. Whoever is moderating the game/the opposite team should pause the song at a point of their choice and accordingly, the dancing team should freeze (become statues). Moderator/the opposite team should try their best to unfreeze them (even a small gesture change counts). The person who moves will have to sing the rest of the song all alone.

4. Sing song mix up

With less equipment, you can create joy. The requirements are 2 bowls and some chits. Write down the names of songs in some chits and also write down the names of famous artists in some other chits. Put both of them in separate bowls. The players must take a chit from both the bowls and have to sing the song they got in the style of the artist they received. For example, how will it be if Taylor swift sings the song, Bad guy?

5. Costume Karaoke

Here you will be required to inform your fellow party mates to come dressed up as a singer of their choice. The whole party centers around their costume. People are supposed to guess who the artist is. It is very similar to Halloween parties, here the theme is music artists.

6. Guess the album

Most people know the songs but, don’t focus on the album it is part of. This game requires the participants to guess the album, to which the played song belongs. It can be played in teams.

7. Parody Karaoke

As simple as it sounds, the players are required to create a parody of their own, which suits the karaoke given to them. In both groups and as an individual, this game makes people laugh.

8. Sing Karaoke

Here the player is required to sing karaoke. They will be given a song on the spot. It can be played individually or in groups.

9. Singing bun

Didn’t you know that a bun can sing? Okay, this game will prove it to you. Requirements are some buns and some people to play. The player will be given a bun, not to eat but, to store inside their mouth. The player will be given a song to sing with the bun, inside their mouth. Their team members should guess the song. The perks are, the players get some bun to eat.

10. Singing water

Yes, you guessed it right. Replace the bun with water from the above-mentioned game. The player will be given a mouth full of water and a song to sing. The team members have to guess the song. You better don’t spill the water and wet yourself or others.

These are 10 fun games for your budget- friendly karaoke party. Just make sure that you hype your friends up about playing these games because they really shouldn’t miss being a part of these amazing games. We are sure, you are going to be a wonderful host. Heads up for more hosting roles.

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