11 Best Bass Earbuds of 2024

Gone are the days of plug and play music. With a compact design and exceptional sound delivery, the next-generation earbuds have finally arrived.

We have shortlisted the best bass wireless earbuds of 2024, that offer deep bass and even deeper music experience.

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Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Sony WF-1000XM3
    It offers extra bass, the best noise isolation feature and the reliability of Sony.
  • Best Value for Money: SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0
    It delivers all the desired features and exceptional sound quality, at an incredible price.
  • Best Features: Soundcore Life P2
    It is packed with patented features and a battery backup that will last up to 40 hours.
  • Best High end: Westone W60
    It is classy, durable and generates the best bass. With the 2-year warranty, your money is safe.
  • Best Budget: Skullcandy Sesh
    It offers a stylish design and trusted features, all at price that doesn’t burn the pocket.

Top 11 Bass Earbud Reviews 2024

1. Powerbeats Pro Wireless

Powerbeats has consistently delivered solid bass headphones over the past few years. The truly wireless Powerbeats Pro earbuds give an extended range and uninterrupted connection on-the-go.

The Powerbeats Pro earbuds are voice-compatible with the iPhone. The earbuds fit snugly and are sweat-proof.

With nearly 9 hours of listening time, these earbuds are sure to be your companion for longer training sessions.

The built-in track controls and noise-canceling features in the earbuds generate powerful bass and superior sound quality.

Price Range: Mid


  • Apple H1 chip and Class 1 Bluetooth™ guarantee minimal dropouts.
  • Controls are present on each earbud, and you can use one at a time.
  • 5 minutes Fast Fuel charge results in 1.5 hrs of playback.
  • The convenience of the auto-play feature.
  • Accelerometers for speech and motion detection.


  • Turbocharging and battery saving features.
  • Punched up bass and mind-blowing sound.
  • Navy and moss color options, besides the usual black and white ones.


  • Big charging case.

Powerbeats Pro is the best bass wireless earbuds for iPhone users. Everything about these earbuds is supercool, the features, the accessories and of course the sound. Navy and moss color options also stand out impressively.

2. Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3 is gaining popularity for its exceptional sound quality. The earbuds sound distinct and peppy, and the bass will make you move to the beat. You can connect it to the Sony Headphones Connect app and adjust the equalizer.

With advanced technology and innovative engineering, it yields high-definition audio for any sound format.

The Sony earbuds can be paired with smartphones or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The battery lasts for nearly 6 hours, but it can be further extended with the charging-case. The touch-enabled controls appear very convenient and stylish.

Price Range: Mid


  • The best-in-industry noise isolation technology.
  • Simultaneous sound transmission.
  • Adaptive sound control automatically adjusts the sound settings to your activities and environment.
  • Quick charging feature yields 1.5 hours back-up in a 10-minute charge.
  • Auto-pause and auto-play feature.


  • All advanced features packed in a classy minimalist design.
  • The charging case can give up to 24 hrs of power-back up.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • These earbuds are not moisture or sweat resistant.

Sony WF-1000XM3 is one of the most loved bass earbuds with seamless playback and has the bestthe best ever noise cancellation feature. We highly recommend the reasonably priced earbuds for a superior listening experience.

3. Westone W60

Probably the most comfortable ear-device on the market, the Westone W60 offers precise and balanced sound.

The features on the earbuds may be basic, but the extra bass is worth a special mention. You can use the earbuds with a cable or wireless.

With 8 hours of battery life and an extended range of connectivity, these earbuds are on every music junky’s wish list.

Price Range: High


  • High-fidelity sound.
  • 6 balanced armature and 3 way crossover technology.
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • 10-meter wireless coverage.
  • 2-year limited warranty.


  • Whether used as wired or wireless, these earbuds deliver the best sound quality
  • Light-weight and compact design with an incredibly comfortable fit


  • Very expensive

Westone W60 has been on the wishlist of many, not only for its ultra-classy looks but also for the unmatched comfort, fit and seal. Once you put on the Westone W60, you can really forget all else and just groove to the music.

4. Skullcandy Sesh

Skullcandy never claimed a high-definition audio quality, but it does make truly affordable wireless technology.

With a decent fit and basic control features, Skullcandy Sesh is the most trusted entry-level ear-device in the market.

The Skullcandy Sesh offers 3-hour battery performance and up to 6 hours back-up with the charging case. Noise cancellation is decent.

If you are looking for cheap wireless earbuds in good quality, then this is your best bet.

Price Range: Budget


  • Loud and punchy bass.
  • Compatible with digital assistant.


  • Affordably priced.
  • Fairly comfortable fit.


  • Inferior battery life.
  • Bluetooth connection is unstable.

The Skullcandy Sesh is just the right choice looking to try out an earbud that goes for more than easy listening as it delivers a good punchy bass. We approve of Skullcandy Sesh as the most stylish and trusted earbuds in budget.

5. Sony Wi-XB400

Sony Wi-XB400 is an economical Bluetooth earphone with extra bass and decent frequency. At an affordable price, it offers hands-free calling as well as voice assistant compatibility.

An ultra light-weight design makes it among the most stylish options in not-truly-wireless category earbuds.

The active battery life is 15 hours, which is commendable.

Price Range: Budget


  • Deep, punchy bass.
  • Light weight neck band and magnetic earbuds.
  • 10-meter effective range.
  • A 10-minute quick charge yields up to 1 hour battery back-up.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Extra bass and good frequencies.
  • Hassle-free comfortable wearing.
  • Superior battery performance.


  • These earbuds are not truly-wireless.

The range of earphones from Sony are a great value for money, and a good option for using on-the-go. With a battery performance of 15 hours on a single charge, in our opinion, Sony Wi-XB400 is the best earbuds for extended use.

6. SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

One of the best-selling earbuds in the market, the SoundPeats is likely, the most stylish wireless bass earbuds.

At an extremely affordable price, the earbuds offer auto-play, auto-connect, hi-fi audio quality, and voice assistant compatibility.

It is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Disappointingly, the battery lasts for only 3.5 hours on active playback. The fit of the earbuds isn’t very remarkable.

Price Range: Budget


  • Stereo sound.
  • Water resistant.
  • Charging case allows 9 -10 times full charge.
  • Hands-free calling and voice assistant compatibility.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Value for money.
  • Full and accurate bass.


  • The control buttons on the device are not very convenient to use.
  • An inferior fit makes it unsuitable for use during workouts.

SoundPeats True is probably the most reasonably priced earbuds in the market which comes with a warranty. It may appear very basic, but the bass sound is exceptional and right on the mark.

7. Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds have an ultra-compact and extremely wearable design, suitable for your workouts and active lifestyle.

The battery performance is 6 hours on a full charge, which is quite decent.

The device allows noise cancellation and voice assistant compatibility.

Each earbud has a control button and can be used individually. The set up is very convenient and facilitates pairing as soon as the device is out of the box.

Price Range: Mid


  • Ambient Aware technology allows you to adjust noise isolation.
  • Better sound quality, substantial bass and good range of frequency.
  • Spill, splash and sweat resistant.
  • Charging case allows 9 -10 times full charge.
  • Hands-free calling and voice assistant compatibility.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Value for money.
  • Full and accurate bass.


  • The control buttons on the device are not very convenient to use.
  • An inferior fit makes it unsuitable for use during workouts.

Samsung Galaxy Buds has the coolest looks and sounds exceptionally great too. We highly recommend these earbuds for high-intensity workouts and other active workouts. Put the Samsung Galaxy Buds on, and break a sweat!

8. 1MORE Stylish True Wireless

The 1MORE Stylish claims precise playback and superior sound.

It looks fancy and comes with a glossy finish. On a full charge, the earbuds can be used for nearly 6 hours.

The earbuds connect smoothly and quickly. The connection is quite stable.

The earbuds allow quick pairing, voice assistant compatibility and snug fit.

Price Range: Budget to Mid


  • Powerful bass and accurate sound.
  • Lightweight neckband and magnetic earbuds.
  • 10-meter effective range.
  • A 15-minute quick charge yields up to 3 hours battery back-up.


  • Ultra-compact and light-weight carrying-cum-charging case.
  • Comfortable wearing.
  • Decent battery life and sound quality.


  • Made of plastic.
  • Inferior noise cancellation.

1More Stylish earbuds are ”made in China” but do not lag behind in terms of sound quality and technology. They offer a smooth connection and deep punchy bass in much style.

9. Soundcore Life P2

Soundcore Life P2 has hit the market, claiming superior sound clarity and transmission. These budget-friendly earbuds are pumped with high technology features.

The device connects instantly to the last paired device when taken out of the carrying case. The battery performance is 7 hours, extendable up to 40 hours with the charging case.

The battery takes only 2 hours to charge fully, which is remarkable.

The light-weight and comfortable earbuds are suitable for extended use.

Price Range: Budget to Mid


  • Graphene drivers deliver high-quality sound.
  • Highly rated fully water-proof feature.
  • 10-minute fast charge results 1 hour of listening.
  • BassUp technology supports enhancement up to 43%.
  • Each earbud is fitted with two microphones that support flawless voice transmission.


  • The battery-back up is incredible.
  • Premium features at a reasonable price.


  • Control buttons on the device are inconvenient to use.

At a very affordable price, Soundcore Life P2 delivers all the premium features and technology. Its BassUp technology is so cool, you will be hooked on to the earbuds forever!

10. Geekee G550

Bass-lovers can enjoy deep bass, precise audio and all advanced features at an affordable price with Geekee G550.

The earbuds offer smart pairing and touch-control buttons.

The battery performance is limited to only 4 hours of listening time, although it can be extended up to 24 hours with the charging-cum-carrying case.

The earbuds are very comfortable for long-wearing.

Price Range: Budget to Mid


  • Simultaneous sound transmission.
  • Single-button touch control.
  • Highly rated water resistance.
  • Hands-free calling and voice assistant compatibility.
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact design.


  • Super snug fit at an affordable price.
  • Exceptional bass.


  • Limited active battery life.

At an affordable price, Geekee G550 comes with exceptional features and a sleek-sporty look. We really find its single-button control feature and overall design impressive.

FAQs About Wireless Bass Earbuds

What are Truly-Wireless Earbuds?

The Truly-wireless Earbuds is a set of earphones which have no cords or cables, and connect via Bluetooth.

What is the starting price of a good quality Bass Wireless Earbuds?

The entry-level bass wireless earbuds cost about USD 30.

What is the average price range of Bass Wireless Earbuds?

The budget-friendly Bass Wireless Earbuds cost about USD 30-60, while the mid-range ones cost USD 100- 200. The high-end Bass Wireless Earbuds cost more than USD 500.

What is meant by quick-pairing?

Most of the Bass Wireless Earbuds are quick-pairing, that is they immediately connect to the last connected device when taken out of the carrying case.

How can we extend the listening time on Bass Wireless Earbuds?

Most of the Bass Wireless Earbuds come in a carrying case that doubles up as a magnetic charging station for the earbuds.
The charging-cum-carrying case can facilitate two or more times of full charge of the earbuds’ battery, depending on its capacity.

Can I go for workouts wearing the Bass Wireless Earbuds?

Most of the Bass Wireless Earbuds are designed for sports and work-outs. Make sure that the earbuds you purchase are moisture and sweat resistant in case you plan to wear them during intensive work-outs.

Are Bass Wireless Earbuds water-proof?

Most of the Bass Wireless Earbuds are water-resistant, that is, they will not be damaged by spill, splash or sweat.
Do not immerse or soak the earbuds in water or use them for underwater activities.

What is meant by voice assistant compatibility?

Voice assistant compatibility means that the earbuds are compatible with voice assistance technology like Google Assistant (Android) and/or Siri (iPhone). Voice assistant compatibility does not necessarily mean that the earbuds are compatible with Alexa (Amazon).

What are auto-pause and auto-play features?

When removed from the ear, the music on the earbuds will automatically pause. The music will resume playing, when you put the earbuds back in the ear.

Can the earbuds be used to receive calls?

The microphones on the earbuds and noise cancellation features allow users to answer phone calls.

Does any company offer warranty of the product?

Most of the companies that sell budget earbuds do not offer warranty on the product. However, if you are purchasing the branded ones; like Powerbeats or Westone, then you can get a limited warranty on the product.

Bass Earbuds Buying Guide

There are many Bass Wireless Earbuds available in the market, and some of them are quite highly-priced. Be sure to check these details before you spend the big bucks.

1. Playback Performance and Sound Quality

A lot of Bass Wireless Earbuds offer enhanced bass, which appears attractive. Make sure to consider sound precision and clarity before making a purchase.

2. Noise Suppression

Almost every Bass Wireless Earbuds claims noise cancellation. Some have only basic noise suppression, while others offer sophisticated noise control. Make a choice depending on whether you want complete noise isolation.

3. Comfort

The earbuds should fit in the ear completely. Try adjusting the driver position in the ear to get the best sound. Most Bass Wireless Earbuds come with extra ear tips of different sizes, so you are sure to get the optimum fit.

4. Active-wearing

Light-weight, comfortable fit and good grip are important points to consider if you intend to wear the earbuds at workouts or during sports.

5. Durability

The longevity of the device is determined by its material and construction. If you are investing in earbuds, choose the ones which are made of sturdy metal instead of plastic.

6. Design

Some of the Bass Wireless Earbuds are classy and minimalist, while others are flashy and colorful. Choose a design that goes with your style.

7. Battery performance

Poor battery means you would need to put the earbuds in the charging case every hour. It is very important to assess the battery performance of the Bass Wireless Earbuds.

8. Fast Charging

Some of the earbuds allow quick charging, which yields about an hour of battery recharge within a few minutes. This feature can be a savior.

9. Replacement and Warranty

If you make up your mind to buy one of the expensive set of earbuds, be sure to check the company’s policy on product replacement and warranty.

10. Value for Money

It is most important to make a choice based on cost and benefit. Decide wisely if the extra bucks for premium features are worth the money, and if you need those features.

Bass Earbuds Best Brands

1. Beats

The Powerbeats is a series of earbuds under the flagship earbuds brand Beats from Apple. The brand has an elitist appeal and top-notch features. Of course, the earbuds from Beats are compatible with iPhone only.

2. Sony

Sony is known for its advanced technology and innovation in earphones and headphones. The earbuds from Sony offer extra bass and optimum noise cancellation.

3. Westone

Westone is a pioneer in the custom fit earbuds manufacturing. The music products from Westone are high-end and of superior quality.

4. Skullcandy

Skullcandy products have always been regarded as stylish and loud. The brand is offering affordable music accessories and designer earphones and headphones.

5. Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is a trusted brand of electronics. It has made its mark in the headphones and earphones market with a wide range of durable products.


Wireless Earbuds offer the greatest convenience any music device could offer. No doubt, they are in rage. Of course, with so many products trending online, you may be spoilt for choice.

Now that you have browsed our list of Best Bass Wireless Earbuds, we hope that you would narrow on a favorite.

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